39th Down Under Feminist Carnival – call for submissions

The 38th Down Under Feminists Carnival is up, hosted by Rebecca at bluebec.com. It’s another bumper crop of great writing from Down Under bloggers on all sorts of topics, so do take the time to click on over there and have a read.

The next edition of DUFC, the 39th, will be hosted right here at my little blog, on or around 5th August, 2011. I’ve put my hand up to host because DUFC has, over the last 38 editions, offered me so many wonderful opportunities to read and learn and connect with people. I’ve seen all the hard work that goes into producing the carnival and I figure this is one way I can give something back to the community. To be perfectly honest I feel slightly out of my depth – it’s going to be quite the learning experience!

Submissions to mimbles2@gmail.com please. There have been technical issues with the blogcarnival submissions form, so it’s best not to submit there just now, but, if you do, Chally, our illustrious carnival organiser, has promised to pass them along to me.

Submissions must be of posts of feminist interest by writers from Australia and New Zealand that were published in July. Submissions are due on 2 August at the latest, but – take pity on me! – sooner is always better than later. Don’t forget to spread the word among your networks!


3 thoughts on “39th Down Under Feminist Carnival – call for submissions

  1. You’re so not out of your depth, you’ll be fine. I believe in you! I’m here for anything you require. I’m just sorry about this blogcarnival silliness!

    Hosting spots are presently open anytime from March, Ariane. Volunteer if and when you please. 🙂

    1. It’s mostly a shame because people can’t use Mary’s fabulous submitting thingy! I know I’ll be fine – just don’t quite feel it 🙂

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