Caitlin has something to share

UPDATE: Caitlin is also a perfectionist, so we have made the first recorded version of her song private and will share a video of the polished up version when it is ready. Meanwhile youtube embedding has apparently decided to show you baby bunnies instead – enjoy!

UPDATE on the update: The song is now finished and we did another recording, Caitlin has decreed it “good enough” to share (I suspect she’d had enough of me pointing a camera at her) so no more bunnies unless you go visit my channel on YouTube

For quite some time now Caitlin has been filling notebooks with song lyrics. I have been a very good mum and refrained from begging to read them or trying to make her sing her songs to me but the suspense has been killing me.

Last night she announced that she had something to sing for us. Here it is, her first foray into singer/songwriter territory.

(can’t see the embedded video? Click here)

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