#KellsWritingChallenge Day 1 – Moving

Can’t get moving.

That’s me, most of the time.

Starting things takes this monumental effort. And nothing happens without a looming deadline.

So it’s kind of handy that Kellie invited me to participate in her 10 day writing challenge, because I’ve been eying this much neglected blog for months and thinking it’d be nice to start writing again.

Ten little pushes. Will it be enough to build the momentum? Overcome inertia? We shall see.

I do think that part of the problem is that what with having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr most of what used to end up on my blog gets doled out in little bits all through the day instead. I guess I need to reinvent this space as something more than just a diary/scrapbook/photo album.

Or maybe I could should collate the best bits of each week as a regular feature. Who knows, someone might be interested.

Most weeks would probably look something like this:


Spiced lamb and sweet potato salad. #whatsfordinner #myfoodbag

A photo posted by @mimblespix on


Proving that my cat likes sitting on me, I have a pathological need to recieve external validation for my cooking efforts, I tend to complain about stuff on twitter, and my grand plan to breed a clutch of well trained minions is working out fairly well. Mind you, for that last thing I’m not entirely convinced that the cost/benefit analysis would prove it to have been a particularly sensible exercise. The lead time on return was a bit on the horrendous side for one thing.

2 thoughts on “#KellsWritingChallenge Day 1 – Moving

  1. Love it! I sure hope it kickstarts momentum for you. I love the look of your cooking and your cats. I’m also quite interested in hearing about the way you have managed to assemble minions!

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