MOP 2023 Day 9

I’ve tried to find a poem
It should be somewhere here
I’ve searched today and last night too
But without joy did fare
I’ve delved in all the usual places
Nothing loitered there

I’ve poked at lots of tender spots
Where bruises heal and fade
I’ve looked for mirth and whimsy
Even in the most mundane
I’ve waited for my muse to come
She must have been delayed

I’ve asked the dog and cats for help
And puzzled over tea leaves
I’ve listened to the stormy wind
Carousing through the trees
I’ve rummaged through my memories
Foraged in my dreams

I’ve toyed with many well worn words
And phrases that won’t fit
I’ve felt the fleeting shape of verse
Smoke drift twist and shift
I’ve strewn my thoughts out on a page
Ah well, I guess that’s it!


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