MOP 2023 Day 12: In praise of freshly vacuumed carpet

I honestly didn’t think I was going to write anything today, but then inspiration struck! 🤣

When the cat litter lives in the ensuite
And it’s been a few weeks
Since the cleaners were here
It can get to the point
Where it makes perfect sense
To break out the vacuum
And freak out the cats
Right when the household
Is settling for bed
Because even
Of walking on that floor

One thought on “MOP 2023 Day 12: In praise of freshly vacuumed carpet

  1. I wrote to your e-mail with a question but since it might go to spam, here is what I wrote.
    Thank you for sharing so much information on card weaving. I have used many of the patterns on
    I tried pattern 008 with different home positions & got different patterns & then instead of 7 forward & 7 back I tried 3 forward & 3 back & got a different patterns. I did 5 forward & 5 back & something strange happened when I did the 5 forward again. It began weaving only the bottom threads of the shed in tabby weave. I started over & the same thing happened. I’m weaving a pattern from Twisted Threads now & I had a selvage thread that I hadn’t caught in the weave. I back-tracked a number of turns, removing the weft… & lost my place so I guessed. The same thing happened – weaving only the bottom threads in tabby for 5 rows. Do you know why this happens & if I can use this phenomena to weave double layer? Thank you.

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