Trouble and Strife – MOP 2022 Day 8 -Saturday challenge: Poetry Performance

I got ten hours sleep last night and I’m still wondering what the hell I was thinking! 🤣This poem had been half written for quite a while but I’d got stuck, nothing like a self imposed public deadline to provide motivation. No, this was not my first take recording it, and I ended up changing one line slightly after finally managing to read it without getting tongue tied, but I didn’t have it in me to do another take after that! 😆 Trouble and StrifeLet me tell you a story of Trouble and StrifeA pair of grey, bright eyed, inquisitive … Continue reading Trouble and Strife – MOP 2022 Day 8 -Saturday challenge: Poetry Performance

Saturday challenge week 2 – Jan 8 – Poetry Performance

This Month Of Poetry thing I’m doing includes various members of the group setting a challenge for each Saturday in January and this week was my turn. Here’s what I came up with: Recently my mum and I were reminiscing about me as a kid and how far back my love for T. S. Eliot and A. A. Milne goes. There exists, on an ancient cassette tape, a recording of me at two years old, reciting “Brownie” and I don’t remember not knowing the importance of “The Naming of Cats”. Consequently I’ve been thinking about poetry as part of early … Continue reading Saturday challenge week 2 – Jan 8 – Poetry Performance

MOP 2022 Day 7

Someone in our neighbourhood Found a red bellied black snake todayInside their letterboxWhich is quite the level upFrom the usual huntsman inhabitantsOf such enclosuresAnd there was an echidna seenWandering streets and gardensOn a number of occasionsIn recent months There are magpies that nest in the big treesAt the top of the hill behind my houseSwooping at walkers heading for the bus stop I have ambitions to offer them friendship In the form of scraps of meatAnd quiet familiarityBut I would have to walk up the hill for thatSo I probably won’t Maybe they’ll visit me here one dayI’m planting a … Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 7

MOP 2022 Day 3

On the inspirational limitations of being stuck mostly on my bed for a month I would like to write a poem But the words don’t seem to come No inspiration leaps at me From bedroom walls Or phone screen scrolling (That’s given me a trigger thumb) I’ve taken All The Photos Of cats and dog, they’re all the same Bacon begging, snuggle snoozing Death by toe bean cuteness done Tomorrow, this a promise given To myself, a sort of bribe I’m calling my toes near ‘nough ready To brave a shower and not stay dry Then down the stairs I’ll … Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 3

MOP 2022 Day 1 – Saturday challenge: Theme poem – Time

A moment of perfect happiness Here, hold it gently Resting lightly A butterfly perching on fingertips Let breath out slowly Softly A thing of fragile beauty Breathe in deeply Drawing a warm release Through body, heart and mind Don’t hold too tight A moment only No more Let it go Keep the memory And believe More moments will come Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 1 – Saturday challenge: Theme poem – Time