Day 5

The plot thickens. It seems #unibasketcorn has been recruiting allies and has been joined by the disaffected #bedroomdoorbear who resents being expected to look after piles of correspondence and having cardigans dumped on his head. It is a little unclear whether #storagellama plans to participate in the coming conflict or is just here as an observer. The angel on its shoulder is perhaps a hopeful sign. The boys have retreated to the safety of the tea shelves baskets, while Matilda has decided that no one woven or stuffed is going to deprive her of the warm and comfy spot between … Continue reading Day 5

Pattern Library is back

Ok, I give in! I’ve put it back up. Just don’t ask me any questions about it, I’m at zero spoons for anything weaving related and all my stuff is packed up in boxes. 😛 Seriously though, my life went completely to shit over the last 3-4 years and I had to pull back from a whole bunch of things. I’d taken the library down because I was in the process of rewriting the patterns to improve clarity. That’s still on my to do list, but unlikely to get done any time soon. Continue reading Pattern Library is back