MOP 2022 Day 7

Someone in our neighbourhood Found a red bellied black snake todayInside their letterboxWhich is quite the level upFrom the usual huntsman inhabitantsOf such enclosuresAnd there was an echidna seenWandering streets and gardensOn a number of occasionsIn recent months There are magpies that nest in the big treesAt the top of the hill behind my houseSwooping at walkers heading for the bus stop I have ambitions to offer them friendship In the form of scraps of meatAnd quiet familiarityBut I would have to walk up the hill for thatSo I probably won’t Maybe they’ll visit me here one dayI’m planting a … Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 7

MOP 2022 Day 3

On the inspirational limitations of being stuck mostly on my bed for a month I would like to write a poem But the words don’t seem to come No inspiration leaps at me From bedroom walls Or phone screen scrolling (That’s given me a trigger thumb) I’ve taken All The Photos Of cats and dog, they’re all the same Bacon begging, snuggle snoozing Death by toe bean cuteness done Tomorrow, this a promise given To myself, a sort of bribe I’m calling my toes near ‘nough ready To brave a shower and not stay dry Then down the stairs I’ll … Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 3

MOP 2022 Day 1 – Saturday challenge: Theme poem – Time

A moment of perfect happiness Here, hold it gently Resting lightly A butterfly perching on fingertips Let breath out slowly Softly A thing of fragile beauty Breathe in deeply Drawing a warm release Through body, heart and mind Don’t hold too tight A moment only No more Let it go Keep the memory And believe More moments will come Continue reading MOP 2022 Day 1 – Saturday challenge: Theme poem – Time

La vache est dans la maison

The cow in the lounge room was definitely not Gemma’s fault. It seems important to make this clear from the start given that it has taken her quite a long time to stop feeling horribly guilty about the Not a Baby Groot After All invasive vegetation incident of 2014. No, the cow in the lounge room was quite clearly the cow’s fault and I hope she is feeling suitably ashamed of herself. I should begin at the beginning I suppose. Mum, Dad, Gemma and Harry were on holidays last summer, staying at the big farmhouse that belonged to Grandma Kathy. … Continue reading La vache est dans la maison

Day 21 it’s been a busy one

It was a bold plan, and only the boldest of cats could pull it off. Night had fallen and, despite the absence of darkness, it was time. #sebastianaral made his move. #brendathecivildisobediencepenguin was unceremoniously shoved off her precarious perch on #storagellama and operation Liberate The Toys was underway. It took a few goes, and it’s possible some of the more awkwardly shaped or less loved toys were left to fend for themselves, but Sebastian is confident that the operation can be declared a success. #matildaekaterin seems pleased with the results. Continue reading Day 21 it’s been a busy one