Good day

The beginning of my day:

Adam has been making me awesome breakfasts for almost 20 years, this morning I said I was craving pancakes and bacon and eggs. I got up, had my shower, got dressed…et voilà!


The middle of my day:

I took Caitlin shopping. She ended up with FOUR pairs of shoes. They were: school shoes which cost a bloody fortune, long black boots at 25% off bought slightly big in the hope they’ll be good for next winter and 2 pairs of crappy flats from Kmart which cost $5.60 a pair and will probably do horrible things to her feet. She had ice-cream, I had an affrogato and no-one whinged about anything. (My last shoe shopping expedition with kids was an unmitigated disaster.)

The end of my day:

We spent a very pleasant evening sitting around chatting to a big bunch of Browncoats at Di & Bren‘s engagement party. Here they are doing the cake cutting thing.


They seem pretty pleased with themselves. Congratulations guys 🙂

3 thoughts on “Good day

  1. I seem to always comment on how lucky your kids are but WOW I totally wanted that breakfast this morning.I get crumpets in bed quite regularly from my “Lark” hubby but I said I fancied pancakes this morning. His reply was: “I don’t think we have any pancake shaker left….”sob…Still haven’t had anything. Got some chocolate cranberry biscotti with me and the coffee machine here at work is on. That will have to do.

  2. Those pancakes? Made from scratch 🙂 Adam tried using the pre-mixed stuff some years ago and decided he didn’t like it.Chocolate cranberry biscotti sounds goooood.

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