Serenity Con stuff

I went to the Hub Productions Serenity convention this weekend. Had a great time. Came home exhausted. This account will probably be a little disjointed as a result. Friday night at the cocktail party was fun, it pays to go hang out with the smokers despite a serious loathing of ciggy smoke. Here’s what happened, as told by ZB: As a long time smoker, I am very aware that cigarettes are very very bad. You know when they’re not bad? When Ron “Shepherd Book very ridiculously awesome and also amazingly sexy” Glass wanders up to me and Jenwah (and Mim, … Continue reading Serenity Con stuff

Hub Productions is bringing Nathan Fillion downunder!

Hub Productions presents “Serenity” Syd 10th, Melb 11th May 2008 Oh, and Ron Glass too 🙂 I’ve had a VIP ticket to this event reserved since way back in April last year when they announced a convention which promised 3 Big Damn Heroes, no names confirmed, and have been waiting all that time for confirmation of Captain Tightpants’ attendance. It’ll be nice if we get a 3rd cast member as well but even if we don’t it’ll be well worth the wait! Continue reading Hub Productions is bringing Nathan Fillion downunder!

Link-fest No.1

Not sure how often I’ll post one of these, probably whenever I’ve collected a decent number of links and before they get too out of date. On Alas! A blog Myca links to a series of essays titled “Christians in the Hand of an Angry God” posted by bradhicks on his LJ. (The LJ posts are 3 years old but still well worth a read.) blue milk is asking “What does a feminist mother look like?“, subsequent posts on her blog have some of the answers she’s received. I may get around to posting my own response eventually. Kate Harding … Continue reading Link-fest No.1