Link-fest No.1

Not sure how often I’ll post one of these, probably whenever I’ve collected a decent number of links and before they get too out of date.

On Alas! A blog Myca links to a series of essays titled “Christians in the Hand of an Angry God” posted by bradhicks on his LJ. (The LJ posts are 3 years old but still well worth a read.)

blue milk is asking “What does a feminist mother look like?“, subsequent posts on her blog have some of the answers she’s received. I may get around to posting my own response eventually.

Kate Harding has a post on Shapely Prose titled “Reality vs. relativism” about dieting and weight loss surgery.

Some of my friends had a great time at the Hub convention on the weekend, Leish has a recount on her LJ: Muhneys and Mcnabs and kangaroos, oh my!

3 thoughts on “Link-fest No.1

  1. I read some of the “What does a feminist mother look like?” and found it very interesting indeed. For reasons probably related to my current pre-occupation, I was thinking of most of the questions in terms of home and practical life, rather than in anything resembling a political context. Like I didn’t think of maternity leave as something feminism has given mothers! Doh! Then again, maybe I’m not a feminist. I can’t think of any non-feminists, so maybe this means I’ve slipped out of the definition. Although my views didn’t seem terribly far removed from other respondents’. Thanks anyway, very interesting reading from a context I hadn’t thought much about.

  2. Thanks for the link and I hope you do get around to writing some of your thoughts down on the topic, I’d be interested to read them.

  3. Thanks for these Mim. I am really enjoying the blue milk blog. Must get around to posting some answers of my own. Although, like ariane, I am beginning to question whether I truly am a feminist mother. When I started to think about how I would answer the questions, I began to think maybe I am a lapsed feminist. Oh dear!

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