OOTD – Another new necklace!

I’m off to Caitlin’s second dance concert of the week tonight and I’m taking my new fabulous fat necklace out for a spin Tunic – Autograph Leggings – Target Shoes – Mathers Necklace – Definatalie I didn’t get a close-up of the necklace in the outfit I’m wearing now, but here’s the one I took the day it arrived in the post. Continue reading OOTD – Another new necklace!


I can’t remember learning to swim, though I do remember swimming lessons, specifically taking the life-saving course at Pymble pool in the summer holidays while my younger siblings were learning to swim and going to the school swimming scheme in primary school. I know diving clicked for me when I was 9 and we were in Tahiti on our way to the US where my dad was going for a 4 month sabbatical. There is also the family story of sibling rivalry wherein I was going without floaties for the first time at 3 years old and my sister, 21 … Continue reading Swimming

On being fat and visible

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, it’s kind of my little bit of Fat Activism and the reasons for doing it have been written about by a bunch of other people much more eloquently than I’m up to doing at present (or ever probably). The short version* is that I’m fat, I’m ok with that and I’m going to share pictures of myself because it helps to drive home the message that fat people are, well, people. People like me. People who are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity and not vilified, objectified … Continue reading On being fat and visible

Link-fest No.10 now with DUFC!

Stuff for you to read. A whole series of posts at Hoyden About Town on the subject of the proposed“Harmonisation” of Disability Parking Permit Schemes in Australia – for harmonisation read narrowing of eligibility criteria – and the need to protest against the proposal. There are open letters to use in adding your voice to the protests and a Facebook group to join. I am Dr Tiller – “This website was created as both a memorial to the lifework of Dr. George Tiller and as a living testimony to the courageous lives of abortion providers.” The Mum Files – a … Continue reading Link-fest No.10 now with DUFC!

Quick Hit: The Gruen Transfer

In tonight’s episode of The Gruen Transfer the challenge for the segment titled The Pitch, in which “two of the advertising industry’s finest agencies are pitted against each other and challenged with selling the unsellable”, was as follows: “We live in a country and culture obsessed with thinness. Every day and in every way, plus-sized people are made to feel inferior. Ostracised. Ridiculed. Humiliated. Yet the truth is, more Australians are overweight than skinny. We want a campaign that will end Shape Discrimination, that will make people who can’t squeeze into model-size clothes feel better.” One of the ads submitted … Continue reading Quick Hit: The Gruen Transfer


I have not weighed myself for nearly 2 months. I’ve been eating what I wanted, when I wanted. I’ve been walking the dog but not doing much else by way of exercise. I haven’t been thinking about food all the time. Last night I was out with friends having an awesome meal at Chinta Ria, followed by a thoroughly decadent chocolate overload at Lindt Cafe and then a quick visit to the Pumphouse pub all accompanied by liberal quantities of wine. This morning I decided to have a look at the numbers. I was a little apprehensive, surely all this … Continue reading Interesting

Link-fest No. 6

Feel like reading something silly? There’s a new post up on yogabeans! A review of Deadwood on Heroine Content. Train your goldfish with a training kit from ThinkGeek. Ninja cat comes closer without moving PhysioProf and Dr Isis are engaged in a recipe war. I find it oddly compelling. The Vorkosigan Companion will be mine. My lovely friend Susan has a new blog featuring cats and vegan food porn for your reading pleasure. And lastly, The Rotund has managed to convince me that taking the kids to Disneyland/Disney World might not be a completely terrible idea. Caitlin will be ever … Continue reading Link-fest No. 6

It’s been a long day

You know how I said I might try ice-skating today? Well, I did. I was really apprehensive because I had memories from the last time I tried, years ago, of being so distressed that all I wanted to do was hide somewhere and cry. I remembered that my feet had been in agony but I couldn’t remember what it had been like on the ice. Was I still able to skate (I used to go regularly for sport in high-school and had taken lessons when I lived in the US) or was it just an exercise in frustration and humiliation? … Continue reading It’s been a long day