Good day

It’s been a bit of a lazy day today, Adam “worked” from home so I was still in my pj’s when he took the kids to school. We did some planning together for getting things organised for the weeks ahead and bummed around the house doing nothing much.

After lunch we headed off to the school to watch Caitlin do her bit in the talent quest and you know, just quietly, she was fucking awesome. I was so very proud of her, she sang unaccompanied, her voice was strong and clear and I reckon she hit pretty much every note. On top of which, she, and all the other kids, were having to deal with a dodgy mic that kept dropping out every so often – they all managed incredibly well with that, just kept going without missing a beat.

The kids all had their hair cut this afternoon under varying degrees of duress. Caitlin wants hers to be long enough to sit on so she’s adamant that only the bare minimum be trimmed off, David simply hates getting it done and winces every time the scissor come near. Tom had a new challenge for me this time, he decided he was immovably attached to a particular curl in the middle of his forehead. So I let him keep it.

Kudos to my wonderful hairdresser (who comes to my house to cut the kids’ hair) on managing to make it look only slightly ridiculous!

There is lasagne cooking in the oven, the rainbow lorrikeets are on the back deck begging for food and all is well with the world. Good day πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Oh that’s so great.You have the greatest kidsWhat a testament to you as a mother.Be proudBe F*CKING proudTee hee

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