Sundays in my City – A visit from Joss Whedon

Hosted by Unknown Mami Today I took Caitlin to the Opera House to hear Joss Whedon speak about his writing and directing career – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and everything in between and beyond. Joss was fascinating and brilliant and funny and wonderful and when he tackle-hugged Wil Anderson* at the end of the show I was really rather surprised Wil didn’t fall over. The image of Wil with Joss Whedon’s legs wrapped around his waist is one that will stay with me forever. After the talk/interview/QandA session we retired to the bar at … Continue reading Sundays in my City – A visit from Joss Whedon

Link-fest No. 7

Random linkage for your amusement/edification. Zero Punctuation – “Zero Punctuation is The Escapist’s groundbreaking video review series starring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Every Wednesday Zero Punctuation picks apart the games so you don’t have to.” Is funny 🙂 Darths and Droids – webcomic of Star Wars as a Dungeons & Dragons game. Gagging For It – “An Australian Comedy Portal: news, reviews & performance details – where to find your comedy around Oz.” Wish I could go see more live comedy.Geek Crafts – a blog collecting links to all sorts of, well, geek crafts. Check out the crocheted Dark Mantle, click … Continue reading Link-fest No. 7

And here was me thinking I’d never want to own an iPhone

From an article at EW – Dr Horrible: An oral history Fillion That is my friend PJ Haarsma. I called him up and I said ”Can you make me a thing? That looks like a thing?” Twenty minutes later he says, ”Check out this website. You can call it up on your iPhone and you have a Dr. Horrible van remote.” At Comic-Con, I’m going to release the Website that has the Dr. Horrible van remote. It’s a lovely article full of fun stuff from Joss, Felicia, Nathan, Neil, Jed and Maurissa, go read the lot. ETA: Dr Horrible van … Continue reading And here was me thinking I’d never want to own an iPhone

Get a pic! Do a blog!

This guy here? Doesn’t look even the littlest bit evil. I’m sorry, I think Dobber was miscast, he gave a completely unconvincing performance and we didn’t even get to hear the infamous whinny…KIDDING! Dobber was brilliant, there should have been more of him. I’m so in love with Bad Horse, wonder if he needs any more henchmen? *refrains from getting too spoilerific till I’m sure everyone’s had a chance to see Act 3* It’s two “r”s. ETA: Right, that’s long enough to wait. ARRRRRRGH! She got Jossed! And I totally didn’t see it coming. Which means I am a very … Continue reading Get a pic! Do a blog!

I want to be an achiever…

…like Bad Horse. The thoroughbred of sin? I meant Gandhi. He saw the operationYou tried to pull todayBut your humiliation Means he still votes neigh And now assassinationIs just the only wayThere will be bloodIt might be yours So go kill someoneSigned Bad Horse. The suspense is killing me, we’d better get to meet this Bad Horse character! It sure was nice to meet you…Doctor. I don’t go to the gym. These? Are not the hammer. …the hammer is my penis. (Just because I could *glee!*) Continue reading I want to be an achiever…

The Evil League of Evil is watching!

If you haven’t already done so, get clicking over to Dr and watch Act 1. Then come back here and share your favourite bit. Really I just want to put the whole thing up but transcribing the lot would take a little too long so you get the Bad Horse song: Bad Horse! Bad Horse! Bad Horse! Bad Horse! He rides across the nation The thoroughbred of sin He got the application That you just sent in It needs evaluation So let the games begin A heinous crime, a show of force A murder would be nice, of course … Continue reading The Evil League of Evil is watching!

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

There’s a new Joss Whedon musical on the way! From Nathan Fillion .org Joss Whedon Announced today that Nathan Fillion will play the hero in a special Internet Musical. Whedon reports that during the WGA strike he started writing the musical which will be a limited internet series. Each of the three episodes will be approximately ten minute each. Co-writers for the internet feature are Joss’ brothers Zack and Jed and Jed’s Fiance Maurissa . The writing has been completed and shooting commenced today. “It’s the story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the … Continue reading Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog