Get a pic! Do a blog!

This guy here? Doesn’t look even the littlest bit evil.

I’m sorry, I think Dobber was miscast, he gave a completely unconvincing performance and we didn’t even get to hear the infamous whinny…KIDDING! Dobber was brilliant, there should have been more of him. I’m so in love with Bad Horse, wonder if he needs any more henchmen?

*refrains from getting too spoilerific till I’m sure everyone’s had a chance to see Act 3*

It’s two “r”s.

ETA: Right, that’s long enough to wait.

ARRRRRRGH! She got Jossed! And I totally didn’t see it coming. Which means I am a very slow learner. I was watching with Caitlin, she cried. When Adam came along a bit later and watched it, he laughed, heartless bastard πŸ˜›

We went out to dinner tonight and all through the meal the kids were humming snippets of the songs and quoting back and forth at each other (OK, I might have joined in a bit on that too).

Love the groupies. Love the way Penny is horrified by Captain Hammer equating the homeless with a dog, not to mention the “We totally had sex” line. Damn, it’s all brilliant πŸ™‚

We do the weird stuff!

I bring you pain.

I think this is what pain feels like!

Oh. No.

Why did you kill her? (Why Joss, Why?!!!!)

Dr Horrible is here.

I won’t feel a thing.

*sniff* Poor Billy.

3 thoughts on “Get a pic! Do a blog!

  1. I must agree with AdamAlthough I almost cried I LAUGHED and LAUGHED when she got JossedYAY!!!BUT BOOO it’s over.Oh the bittersweetness

  2. I am heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken. Of course it wasn’t going to end any other way. But still. Broken.Stupid awesomely brilliant show.

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