I really should fix that fly-screen

There’s a possum in the house! It wasn’t the least bothered by being caught in the act. All the lights were on and the kids were watching TV in the next room, so when I heard clattering in the kitchen I assumed they were raiding for after dinner snacks. When no-one answered my call of “What are you up to?” I dragged myself away from my blog reading and headed down the hall to the kitchen. No kids. Ah, the cat’s in the sink. Wait a minute, that’s not Samantha! I was sure it would bolt back out the hole … Continue reading I really should fix that fly-screen

Huntsman season is upon us.

Adam and the kids were in the lounge room watching The Two Towers tonight while I hid in the study. There comes a call summoning me, daddy is no good, this is a job for mum. What job would that be I hear you ask? Huntsman spider removal of course. Adam does cockroaches, I do the spiders in this family. And here comes the good part, I now know I’m a real blogger because I made Adam get the camera and document the event. First huntsman of the season Aside from pest control duties, today I have bought birthday presents … Continue reading Huntsman season is upon us.