I really should fix that fly-screen

There’s a possum in the house!

It wasn’t the least bothered by being caught in the act. All the lights were on and the kids were watching TV in the next room, so when I heard clattering in the kitchen I assumed they were raiding for after dinner snacks. When no-one answered my call of “What are you up to?” I dragged myself away from my blog reading and headed down the hall to the kitchen. No kids. Ah, the cat’s in the sink. Wait a minute, that’s not Samantha!

I was sure it would bolt back out the hole the moment it saw me but no! It wasn’t giving up that easily, there was bread…just over there…. So I grabbed the camera.

Then came the persuading the possum to head back out through the window. I’m standing there knowing that if I’m silly enough to actually touch it bad things will happen, they have teeth you know, also, I’ve read the book, I want my house intact. The possum looks at me, I point at the hole in the fly screen, “Out you go”, it looks at the window…and then back at me, “OUT!”….there’s a brief stand-off and staring contest…and out it went. Good possum! Heheh 🙂

Back outside. Actually I really should clean that fly screen too!

5 thoughts on “I really should fix that fly-screen

  1. I guess you won the “stand-off” competition – hands down…A great post.Keep blogging – how many days to go???

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