I like lizards

I had just sat down with a cup of tea and a pistachio and cranberry shortbread biscuit (which, incidentally, is rather yummy) when I spotted this intruder perched on the top of my backpack beside the lounge. I love those long toes, so cute! Teeny little skink I caught it and took it outside where it promptly ran up my arm, jumped onto my shirt, scurried down my front, slunk around behind me and tried to hide up the leg of my shorts. Fortunately Adam was able to head it off at the pass without hurting it and it’s now … Continue reading I like lizards

It’s a lovely day for a battle.

We went to Berrima today and completely failed to go to any of the fabulous antique shops, or historic buildings and little museums, or the cafes, or even the pub. Instead we spent the whole day at the village green for a combined groups training session organised by the Ancient Arts Fellowship. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather for not wearing a long-sleeved Viking dress. So I wussed out and didn’t get dressed up 😛 We took Clara with us and for a little while, just after we got in the car this morning, we thought she was going … Continue reading It’s a lovely day for a battle.

The Australian bush

This post is for Louise in response to her question about the landscape described in John Marsden’s Tomorrow series. I grew up across the road from “the bush” right here in suburban Sydney and there’s a little bit of bush behind our house now, we camp in the bush, we go bushwalking in all sorts of bushland, people get lost in the bush (sometimes fatally and surprisingly close to civilization). We have bushfires, not forest fires, irrespective of what sort of landscape is being burned. We also have rainforest and heathland and deserts and scrubland and marshland…but it’s all “the … Continue reading The Australian bush

All that nest building paid off

Remember our brush turkey neighbours and the enormous nest mound they built? It worked. This evening there were three juvenile brush turkeys wandering around in our backyard. They look even less interesting without the bright red heads and brilliant yellow necks of the adults and they really didn’t want me getting too close but I managed to grab a few photos. Continue reading All that nest building paid off

Car parks are not always concrete jungles

My new workplace is in a fairly recent development hacked out of the edge of a quite extensive area of bushland. The views from the office are rather nice and they’ve done a pretty good job with the landscaping, the car parks have plenty of garden beds strewn about the place. Apparently the local wildlife have lost no time in making themselves at home, Jen tells me she often sees a couple of reptilian residents making use of the warm bitumen in the car parks. As I was leaving this afternoon, this fellow popped out from under a car as … Continue reading Car parks are not always concrete jungles

Eastern Water Dragon

Look who came to visit us this afternoon! Caitlin dragged the dog inside saying there was a lizard in the backyard and freaking out because she once saw Clara dismember a blue tongue lizard at the dog’s previous home back before we inherited her. At first I assumed she was talking about a bigger than average skink but, no! We all piled out on to the back deck and there down by the back fence was this great big Eastern Water Dragon. Adam took one shot from up on the balcony and then I grabbed the camera and went downstairs … Continue reading Eastern Water Dragon

Beautiful plumage!

Our back deck has a number of regular visitors. There’s the rainbow lorikeets who cling to the fly screen and screech at us demanding breakfast. There’s the possum who comes every evening to clean up anything the birds leave behind. There’s the crimson rosella who with great daring braves the wrath of the lorikeets to try for a share of the apples and bird seed (it never works, those lorikeets are fierce!). And very occasionally we get the King Parrots who are regulars at our neighbour’s back deck and rarely grace us with their presence. One of them dropped in … Continue reading Beautiful plumage!

Brush turkey

We’ve had brush turkeys hanging around near our place for a couple of years now and this year they’ve chosen to build their nest in the front yard of one of our neighbours. There’s an access path that runs down between their place and the next to the bush reserve behind our houses (we’re a couple of houses further down), so there’s plenty of material for the birds to work with and the mound is quite an impressive size. Brush turkey on top of mound The nest The rest of the nest I took a short video too, nothing special … Continue reading Brush turkey

Random stuff

Tonight I hand fed the possum a slice of watermelon. A possum eating watermelon with great enthusiasm is a) noisy and b) so very cute. I spent $400 on groceries today, I’d been buying only what we needed to get through the next day or so for the last 3 weeks and we were running out of just about everything. Now I shouldn’t need to shop for non-perishables for another 3 weeks! BBQ dinner on the front deck is a very nice way to spend the evening. Must do more often. Caitlin is entering the school talent quest in the … Continue reading Random stuff