Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens

I went along as a parent helper on a year 3 – Caitlin’s year – excursion to the Art Gallery and Botanic gardens today. It was a beautiful day and all-round very pleasant experience. The kids were angelic and I really enjoyed wandering around the Aboriginal collection at the Art Gallery with one of the volunteer guides (who was lovely I must say, and great with the kids). The tour was 1 hour, just right for the attention span of the kids.

Next was an early lunch in the gardens and the all important caffeine hit from a little cafe opposite the gallery. After lunch we were handed over to tour guides in the Botanic Gardens to look at the different ways Aboriginal people used the various plants native to the Sydney region. The tour guides were again really fantastic with the kids, entertaining and interesting and I learned quite a few new things myself. Not least of which was that apparently dried kangaroo dung makes an excellent fire starter should you ever have the need to start a fire with a stick drill. Also wattle seed smells a bit like coffee. The weather was just perfect, sunny and not too warm. And the being in the gardens overlooking the harbour? Good for the soul it is.

Then I came home and Tom was in a foul mood and was rude and difficult all afternoon – not so much fun *sigh*

WWC Wk2 Day3
Exercise today: 30 minutes on the treadmill, 2.8km, 0 incline.
Points tracking and water is still going well too.

4 thoughts on “Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens

  1. Hi Mim, Thanks for your comments on my blog(I think you’re the only one who looks at it.) I notice that we are both around the same weight & have about the same weight to lose.It’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one with a long road in front of me.We’ll have to encourage each other, by these blog comments. My daughter is called Kaytlin(same pronunciation as yours)I wanted to spell it like you did, but her father insisted it start with ‘k’, & I didn’t like the spelling, so swapped the’y’ & the ‘i’.She is almost 16 now.

  2. Mim, I love your blog, you are an inspirtation to me. I have joined WW and the way you write and your weight loss journey could be me. Keep going and keep blogging.Carol

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