Got lurgi, brain not work right

WWC Wk2 Day4, 5, 6 & 7
Let’s see, Thursday I walked for 30 minutes on my usual outdoor route, Friday was a disaster points-wise and Saturday was worse, plus no exercise either day, but today I went to the grounds working bee at the school and raked mulch till the world started spinning at which point it became apparent that my slight cold was turning into a full-on lurgi. So I came home and went to bed. Why am I up now blogging I hear you ask? Well, I’ve snoozed on and off since 4pm, so I’m functioning again, sort of….

I have a sinus headache, sore throat, aches everywhere, the aforementioned world spinningness and I feel queasy. And to cap it all Adam is away for work this week, nice timing hey? There’s a conspiracy I tells you!

My mum got back from a 2 week holiday in Queensland on Friday, so she came for lunch on Saturday, will be coming to help with homework on Monday, is attending Grandparents Day at the school on Wednesday AND will be babysitting for us when we go to see the Whitlams at the Opera House on Friday before she heads off to China on Saturday. I think she was suffering grandkid withdrawal…also, she’s the best mum ever, I believe I may have mentioned this before.

Caitlin had a friend stay overnight last night. They went to sleep at about 10:30pm, and they were sleeping in a toy tent in the lounge room so I was stuck in the study waiting for them to go quiet and wandering out to be fierce every 20 minutes or so (oh the hardship of being obliged to spend hours surfing the net…). Gotta say this sleep-over thing is not really my idea of fun, 27 hours is way too long to be looking after someone else’s kid, bad enough being stuck with my own for that long without a break. All this while Adam was off doing his second 2 day sailing course…no, I’m not bitter, what makes you think that? (Actually I’m not, it’s kind of weird, I thought I would mind him buggering off for the weekend but I find it’s really not bothering me, perhaps it’s the thought of the reciprocal weekends to myself that I’ll now be owed!)

Right, stopping now, I’m taking at least twice as long to type this as I usually would, every third word comes out spelled wrong, that’ll be the brain not working right.

P.S. Adam wishes me to point out that he is only learning how to sail so he can take me on romantic cruising holidays.

3 thoughts on “Got lurgi, brain not work right

  1. romantic cruising holidays….with him steering the boat or sails or whatever it is! you sure about this? ;)i totally forgot about whitlams – thought it was next week not this week! did you want to park at our place and bus it in with us instead of paying $19 p/hr for parking at the opera house?

  2. Seems to be a lot of this going around might have something to do with the weather I tell you its been freezing here of a night n some days a bit chilly too…… hope your feeling better 🙂 Enjoy the Whitlams ..x

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