It’s been a long week…

TGIF! It’s still Friday as far as I’m concerned, after all it can’t be tomorrow yet, I haven’t been to sleep!

The Whitlams playing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was fabulous, I’ve had a lovely night listening to some great music and drinking way too much coffee. See, we got there early and had to fill in time and then afterwards we really did have to have coffee and dessert with Di and Brendan, so it couldn’t be helped!

I am so in for a major coffee withdrawal headache in the near future, I’ve had at least one every day this week and my usual intake is more in the order of one or two a week.

The night out has done me good, I’m feeling much more relaxed and can almost imagine liking the kids again 😛 We have two birthday parties to shop for tomorrow so if I survive that I’ll be doing very well indeed. Wish me luck…

WWC Wk3 Day5
2 serves of fruit and 5 of vegetables today.
weetbix, apricots and milk – 3pts
Baked beans (a whole big tin) and 2 slices of toast and vegetable & barley soup – 8pts
Wholemeal lebanese bread pizza with onion, mushroom, capsicum, fresh basil, marinara mix and baby bocconcini and salad with low-fat caesar dressing – 7.5pts
banana and mountain bread wrap – 2pts
lg skim cappuccino – 2pts
small f/c flat white with 2 sugars – 2.5pts
1 slice italian bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip – 5.5pts
olives – 0.5pts
long black with 2 sugars – 0.5pts
1/2 serve chocolate meringue torte – 6pts
Total points for the day: 36.5
Okaaay, I’m allowed 25 points, so that’s 11.5 over, but I had 6.5 saved points up my sleeve so I’m 5 points in debt with 3 days to catch up – no problem 🙂 I had serious comfort food cravings at lunch time, hence the whole tin of baked beans thing. What? Don’t look at me like that, I happen to have a cast iron digestive system and I LIKE baked beans. So there 😛 The points for the torte is a total guess based on average points values for serves of various cakes in the Eating Out guide and I only ate half ’cause it wasn’t that great and I’m blowed if I’ll waste points on something that isn’t the best.

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