Follow that wagon!

The WW wagon that is. It got away from me for a while there, I’m blaming a combination of school holidays, TTOM, Caitlin’s birthday party and a particularly hideous urinary tract infection. All better now though, kids went back to school today, I’m past the “Oh, that’s why I’ve been like a bear with a sore head for the last week!” stage of my cycle (why oh why does it ALWAYS surprise me, you’d think I’d be able to recognise the symptoms by now…) and normality has been restored – more or less – anything I still can’t cope with is therefore my own problem. Feel free to play identify the mangled quote in the comments 😉

Yodaobi is still running the weekly challenges so I’ve taken myself back to square one and will be focusing on tracking again this week.

Good things about today:
1) As I dropped the kids off at school this morning I spotted a particular year 2 girl arriving with her mum. This was noteworthy and AWESOME because right towards the end of last term that child was being operated on for a brain tumor and I hadn’t heard how things went – I’m not close to her mum but we chat occasionally. I was so very happy to see them, apparently everything seems fine now.
2) My gardeners came and made my yard beautiful. Every month it’s like magic, I make them pot of tea and mowing, weeding, pruning all happens – just like that! They’re lovely people too and worth every cent and then some.
3) My mother is awesome…as always. She came to help out with homework this afternoon and will be back tomorrow afternoon when I have to take David for his first session with the Macquarie Uni Anxiety Clinic. The program we’re doing involves both parents as well as the child and runs once a week for the whole term, it wouldn’t be possible for us to do it without my mum’s help.

weetbix, peaches and milk – 3pts
Warm potato salad with tuna, onion, asparagus, roast pumpkin and a lemon, mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing – 5pts
Proscuitto wrapped chicken breast with cranberry sauce, spiral noodles with parmesan, garlic sauteed mushrooms, onion, snow peas and cherry tomatoes and one of the kids crumbed chicken fingers – 10.5pts
Natural yoghurt with maple syrup – 1.5pts
milk for tea – 1pt
Banana and cinnamon mountain bread wrap – 2pts
Carrot – 0pts
Total points for the day: 23

Incidently? Food today was not only on track but seriously yummy too.

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