Weigh-in week 11

For the last few days of this week I’d been trying to not get too excited as each morning my wildly inaccurate scales hinted to me that good things were happening. Well, I needn’t have worried, I’ve lost 3.5kg for a total of 10.1kg 😀 Switching to Core seems to have been a good plan!

My focus for this week is to get some regular exercise happening, I’m aiming for three 30 minute walks in the week and sit-ups every day.

5 thoughts on “Weigh-in week 11

  1. Good luck with those sit ups Mim, great loss! It was lovely to meet you at the weekend, I promise I will update the blog very soon!! Look forward to hearing of fantastic results from the sit ups to inspire me……:) carmen

  2. well done! get yourself a reward (non food of course). Thats interesting the core is working well for you – I lost weight using a dietician, and she made us kickstart the diet with a diet similar to the core one for a coupla weeks. I find if the weight is creeping back on again that a week or so of that gets me back on track.

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