Today I am wearing my “You Are Here” tshirt from thinkgeek. Caitlin’s friend asked me if it was the milky way. Yes, and that’s where the Earth is I say pointing to the spot indicated on the shirt. Then she asked me if I knew what was in the middle, so I said yes I did, did she know? And she told me, in all sincerity, that in the middle of the milky way there is a big special cross. Um, no, there’s a big black hole says I. And in the middle of that there’s a cross says she. She’s seen a “documentary” says her mum. No that’s not documentary, that’s fantasy says I before my politeness circuit can kick in.

I am seized with an urge to offer to teach cosmology for kids to their class.


One thought on “Aaaaaargh!

  1. A special cross? Hmmmm, that documentary would be related to the one I saw about judgement day involving those left behind being given the choice of being beheaded or having 6 dots stamped on their foreheads. OK, maybe that doco wasn’t quite as looney as the one I saw…

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