Blood, B12 and beading

Today at school Tom got bitten on the thigh by one of his classmates, she drew blood and all. His teacher assured me that it was entirely unprovoked and I do know this child has been quite difficult all year, but biting!? Haven’t had that before. It happened just before the end of day bell and phone calls to the parents were being made as we left the sickbay – an ice pack and sympathy was all that was needed. I was asked whether Tom was up to date on his tetanus shots (which he is) and I had to restrain myself from saying I thought I ought to be more worried about rabies.

I finally went and got my 6 weeks overdue B12 shot today and this time I wrote in my diary when the next one is due so I don’t do yet another cycle of “Gee I’m feeling run down and grumpy, wonder when my B12 is due….oh. Last month. That would explain it.” Hopefully this will give me the energy I need to get through the manic November/December roller coaster ahead. Yay for functioning red blood cells!

I’ve made some more necklaces, I’m quite pleased with them too. I could not for the life of me make the camera take decent pics so you get scans instead. I think I need to learn how to use the camera.

David and Tom have been creating too, Dave’s made a necklace for his cousin and Tom’s made earrings for his teacher, I do love craft with a purpose 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blood, B12 and beading

  1. Kids!!!! But biting!!! – I thought Tom was older. Glad to hear that he’s ok.Beading is gorgeous Mim – good job!Hugs…Nat

  2. BITING!! That’s awful. I hope the biter is not in the same class as Tom next year. Or sitting near him on Monday, either. 😛 I love those necklaces too BTW.

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