Random stuff

Tonight I hand fed the possum a slice of watermelon. A possum eating watermelon with great enthusiasm is a) noisy and b) so very cute.

I spent $400 on groceries today, I’d been buying only what we needed to get through the next day or so for the last 3 weeks and we were running out of just about everything. Now I shouldn’t need to shop for non-perishables for another 3 weeks!

BBQ dinner on the front deck is a very nice way to spend the evening. Must do more often.

Caitlin is entering the school talent quest in the singing division, she plans on doing a rendition of Under Your Spell from the Buffy musical. This afternoon I found out the deputy principal is a Buffy fan, so at least one audience member will be appreciative 🙂

The kids have become very enamoured of Trogdor. I confess to a certain fondness for this particular Strong Bad email myself 🙂

Thatch-roofed cottage being burninated. By Caitlin.

5 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. Dear Miriam,Yes, I’d love a necklace and your posts are very funny. did you know that you are the first person to pop up out of about 12,000 people on this site who live in Sydney? That’s how I came across you. Ciao,Juliette

  2. Trogdor!!!! Trogdor!!! Now I’m going to go to work with that in my head. I do like Strongbad – now I have an idea of a supreme time-waster for work this week (catching up on the emails I’ve missed). Thanks! So I take it you are adopting this possum then? 🙂 Sue

  3. OH that’s the coolest!I always laugh at the things your kids like because they are the same things as me! Go the burninator!! I’ve loved strongbad for a couple of years now…I LOVE your blog more Keep it up.I’ve been a slack bum. I’ll try update mine this week.

  4. Yep, my first glimpse of Trogdor was on Buffy :)The possum has taken to sitting on the table on the deck and staring at us as we sit at the dining table on the other side of the glass door, willing us to produce food. The birds just aren’t leaving enough scraps any more!

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