Weigh-in week 18

Much to my astonishment I stayed the same this week, I was sure the indulgences of Saturday night would show up on the scales but all the frantic cleaning, cooking and general running around getting ready for the party must have compensated nicely for the beer, mango daiquiris and margaritas 😉

Tonight was our last session at the anxiety clinic with Dave, I’ve been very pleased with what we’ve learned and achieved in the last 10 weeks, there’s still a long way to go but I do feel better equipped to deal with things now and more importantly Dave seems to have a good understanding of the tools he can use to work through stuff himself and to accept that there’s some point in continuing to do the exercises we’ve been doing. We’ve agreed to work on his writing over the holidays beginning with a daily blog post so I’ll probably be blogging daily too – won’t that be fun for everyone!

Tomorrow is party day at the kids’ school and I’m immensely grateful that the teachers seem to have decided that the kindy kids will be just fine joining in on the sausage sizzle with the rest of the school and I therefore don’t have to spend my day producing food or setting up and decorating for their party the way I did for Dave and Cait when they were in kindy. I think I’ll spend some time wrapping presents instead. Or possibly sleeping, I’m still in deficit from the weekend 😛

2 thoughts on “Weigh-in week 18

  1. well Dave was helping with Sparky’s anxiety at the Party – he was feeling overwhelmed and Dave was sitting with him cuddling in on the couch – looking a little embarrassed but still with an arm round him! thanks Dave!

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