Left-overs? What left-overs?!

I’d been telling people all week that I was expecting around 50 people to come to our Christmas party last night and that half of them would be kids. I’m pretty sure that those figures were right back at the beginning of the week. But then I kept telling other people “Hey, we’re having a party! You should come along!” And they all did. I’d catered based on my original numbers so it’s a bloody good thing that I and all my fellow Browncoats are chronic over- caterers because according to my calculations this morning we in fact had 75 people come to the party (46 adults and 29 kids). I’m pretty sure no-one went hungry or thirsty but it may have been a bit of a close call.

Anyway, the food was good, the drink flowed freely (it’ll do that when you tip your almost full 500mL stein over on the table – and it was my first drink of the night! – at least there was nothing else on the table at that stage), and the company was brilliant 🙂 The kids were remarkably well behaved, they all seemed to enjoy Santa coming to visit – Adam is getting quite good in the role I must say – and they pretty much looked after themselves for most of the evening. Even the weather behaved for us, one lovely sunny day sandwiched in between grey and rainy days – god knows what I’d have done with 75 people if we hadn’t been able to use the outdoor space!

And yes, I’m totally planning on doing it all again next year 🙂

4 thoughts on “Left-overs? What left-overs?!

  1. was a great night mim! thanks so much for being such wonderful hosts! :Dand here’s hoping that next year, brendan and i will be able to stumble home instead of driving 40mins!

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