We’ve been busy

Saturday’s project was the gingerbread house, I baked the gingerbread on Friday night, then assembled it and let the kids loose on it in the morning. They were very thorough…

My mum had come over to spend some time with us and she got quite caught up in the creative process too, I think those rows of smarties along the edge of the roof are down to her 🙂

After doing some cooking for the next day’s picnic we headed into the city to meet up with Jenni (ChingTing) and Kat (Ninox), SOz members who were up from Canberra. We went to the IMAX theater and saw Sea Monsters 3D, we’d never done IMAX before and the kids loved it, Tom in particular, he’s been trying to persuade us to go back and see the dinosaur one since the moment we came out of the theatre. We then had dinner in Chinatown at the Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, food was very nice if a little overpriced, and by the end of the meal the kids were well and truly past it but on the whole it was a good night.

Today was a picnic brunch at Balmoral – Christmas get together for my side of the family – which went really well, the weather was lovely, the kids had a great time, we ate yummy food and we came home with a Wollemi Pine (present from my brother’s family).

Our favourite spot, the tree-cave.

Caitlin collecting water for construction purposes and Tom in seventh heaven – he was in the water for most of the day, he had to be coerced into coming out long enough to eat at about 1pm and he hadn’t even had any breakfast.

When we haven’t been doing family or Christmassy stuff we’ve been hitting the beading and leather working – who needs sleep? Crafting is a much more worthwhile use of time 😛

Earrings for the therapists at the anxiety clinic

Necklace and earring set

Adam made two of these bags for our youngest nieces for Christmas, they were a big hit.

This one is a drinking horn holder which goes on your belt, there’s another one still in production.

Tomorrow I’m making yet more fruit mince pies, which will bring my total for this year to 144. Buggered if I know where they’re going, I’m certainly not eating them! (Well, not many of them any way) David very gratifyingly tells everyone that mum’s pies are the best…hmmmm, maybe I should be keeping an eye on him….

Now for that sleep!

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