First of my 2008 goals done!

I went to my first lampwork glass bead making lesson today and made 5 beads. Only 3 had cooled down enough to bring home at the end of the session though.

Here they are.

My first 3 lampwork beads

I’ve signed up for an 8 week course (the one ZB pointed out to me – thankyou!) so this is just the beginning, next thing you know I’ll be buying a gas torch and setting up at home 🙂

If I hadn’t posted this as a goal for this year I doubt I’d have got round to it for many months yet, if ever, and it was so much fun, now, what’s next on the list? Looks like I’d better go bowling and swimming in the next few days, tonight’s dinner of veal casserole is a new recipe so that covers me for February with the cooking thing and I just finished re-reading The Warrior’s Aprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold and started Cordelia’s Honor today so I might do a piece on the virtues of the Vorkosigan saga in the next day or so.

How are everyone else’s plans progressing?

6 thoughts on “First of my 2008 goals done!

  1. awesome stuff mim!as far as my own goals, well we had a successful move and my old place is currently listed for rent so hopefully i’ll start getting some money coming in soon for it!next goal that needs achieving – doing my bookkeeping for the last financial year, and then keeping up to date with it!hopefully will see you tomorrow 🙂

  2. As usual, wow. Very cool.My goals come under the category of 2 out of three ain’t bad. We have averaged a 50% rate of walking to school, and that’s if we don’t walk at all tomorrow (which is actually possible). I have been to gym every week since we went back excepting the week in the Hunter, and my weights are increasing accordingly.On the other hand, Flylady has not been at all evident in my house… 🙂

  3. Your three little beads are lovely, they look like yummy cakes. Congrats on achieving one of your goals, now just keep on going!Agnes.

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