Going dotty

Thursday’s beadmaking class focused on dots. I brought home the two beads on the pendant below, leaving three others still cooling, making these things is slow work! I’m sure these beads are reminiscent of clothing my mum had when I was little. There’s probably a photo somewhere.

Dots pendant close-up


Necklace with dots pendant

Red coral and glass beads on memory wire.

Turquoise necklace

Turquoise necklace with silver plated discs and some brown coloured stone that I got in a random pack on special and consequently have no idea what it is.

Ok, so the only dots here are on those two little beads I made, and I’m actually relatively sane at present so the title is a tad misleading.

The new dishwasher arrived today, it’s sitting in the front hall waiting for Adam to do the handyman thing and install it. It’d better be easier than the wrestling match he had to engage in last night to remove the old dishwasher – a hacksaw was involved in the end.

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