That was the week that was

It began with a weekend of not much, though I did manage to take David bowling on Sunday morning, we won’t talk about my score, I’m getting worse instead of better.

Monday was supposed to be my first day to myself with nothing in particular to do in ages, instead I ended up with Caitlin at home with a lurgi. I spent the day sorting out my bead collection into some new storage containers, fun but of dubious importance in the hierarchy of stuff that needed to be done. Monday afternoon I went for a parent/teacher interview with Tom’s teacher (who happens to be someone I’ve known since we were kids), she gave him glowing reports in pretty much everything except for his handwriting – which leaves much to be desired. Ah well, he’s left-handed and barely ever picks up a pencil voluntarily, it’ll all come good eventually.

Tuesday saw Caitlin still off school so she got dragged off to Weight Watchers – I weighed in the same as the week before, I’m really struggling to get back on track with both food and fitness.

Wednesday I was at the school all day, craft group followed by canteen duty. Then dad came over for dinner. By the time we’d finished eating the world was spinning and I was burning up, Caitlin had shared her lurgi with me.

Thursday I skipped beadmaking class with the intention of staying in bed until I had to get up to go pick the kids up from school. Then I got a phone call at 9:00am from the previous P&C president to ask if she could come over and drop off all the files and stuff I’d be needing to do the job. So there went my snoozing plan. Once she’d gone I plonked myself on the lounge and watched Dr Who dvds for the rest of the day. I was feeling almost human by the time I went to pick up the kids. Then I had to take Tom to soccer training. And he wanted me to stay. So I stood around at the oval in the rapidly cooling evening air for an hour. And came home with my lurgi nicely recharged.

I decided it wouldn’t be a particularly good idea for me to cook birthday dinner for Adam’s mum what with the being diseased and all so we took her out for chinese instead. She’s had another bad fall, this one’s left her with a probably cracked rib and a doozer of a bruise on her forehead. She seems to have lost weight again too and Adam’s pretty sure she’s drinking a bottle of wine a day (which, given that her liver is dodgy, is actually much worse even than it sounds). I find it enormously difficult to deal with having her around and I feel guilty that I’m not more loving towards her, but I don’t know what to do or say. I feel like I’m failing both her and Adam in this.

Today I was at the school till almost midday working on Uniform Pool stuff, I’m so looking forward to offloading the last of my responsibilities there and going back to being just one of the normal volunteers who can bugger off when they’ve had enough for the day rather than being obliged to stick around to the bitter end each week.

Mum got back from her month long trip to Europe this morning, she spent a few hours with my brother’s and sister’s families before catching a train out our way. I picked her up from the station and we had a quick cuppa before going to get the kids. When Tom saw her in the playground he was so overjoyed that he burst into tears! Which, OMG so gorgeous 🙂 Mum was pretty blown away by that I think. He said to me tonight as I tucked him into bed “Mum, you know sometimes people get so happy that they cry?” I asked, “Is that what happened when you saw Grandma today?” “Yeah.”

My day finished off in theme with the rest of the week when I got a call from Tom’s soccer team manager to say he was stuck at work and wasn’t going to make it home in time to go and pick up the team’s new shirts, which they need for their first game tomorrow, from the clubhouse. It was supposed to be a matter of walking in there, telling them which team I was from and grabbing the pre-packed box of shirts. HAH! Nothing so simple, when I got there 3 other mini’s team (under 8’s and younger) parents were waiting twiddling their thumbs watching as other team’s shirts were collected in a matter of 30 seconds while people made frantic phone calls to try and find someone who could interpret the labeling on the mini’s boxes. The labels didn’t match the team names you see…

Half an hour later I finally got my box. I headed home hoping that the dinner I’d left coking in the oven would still be edible. It was, phew! Proscuitto wrapped pork fillets baked with red onion and apple apparently doesn’t mind being cooked for 15 minutes longer than it should have been.

I’m still feeling a bit worse for wear and I’m really hoping Adam gets home in time tomorrow morning from his sleepover at Crash’s place to take Tom to his soccer game. But I won’t be holding my breath.

3 thoughts on “That was the week that was

  1. Tom is one delightful little boy isn’t he? What a week! What time do you need Adam back? I can administer coffee and kick him out… Ben is generally out of bed pre-6am. I’ll send him up to say hello… 🙂

  2. The Tom bit made me cry too!I can only wish for Will to grow up as sweet as your boy.What a supermum! Take a freakn bow.EM

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