Stuff that made me happy this week

The canteen supervisor told me she enjoys reading my contributions to the school newsletter because I write well. Who knew anyone cared about the literary merits of school newsletters?

The rain held off till 3pm on Family Fun Day at the school last Sunday. Family Fun Day is the P&C’s major fundraising event of the year complete with rides, stalls, performances by dance groups and bands – the works, and each year we dread being rained out.

Caitlin sang beautifully at Family Fun Day. They asked the talent quest winners from last year to perform, she didn’t repeat her Under Your Spell rendition instead she went with Hopelessly Devoted to You. I helped her rehearse the night before. And then I had it stuck in my head for days after.

I sold 5 necklaces and 15 pairs of earrings on the craft stall, also at Family Fun Day. It’s nice when other people like the stuff I’ve made.

When I cooked a tuna pasta bake for dinner last night the kids all thanked me for a lovely dinner even though they all hated it. Yep, I’ve successfully terrified them into appeasing the cook at all costs.

My 11 year old son wants to play Sing Star with me. We’re doing it right now – I’m blogging between songs. 😀

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