Today in photos

Tom played soccer this morning.

Player of the week

We sat on the front deck enjoying the sunshine.

Adam on the front deck

David hunted siblings

Hunting siblings

And then we went on a picnic with my mum AND Adam’s mum, took Clara to a dog park for the first time (she was in HEAVEN), played basketball with the kids, and completely failed to take a single photo.

It’s been a particularly awesome sort of day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Today in photos

  1. You are soooo lucky I’m totally hanging out for dry weather to do ANYTHING outdoors with the wee boy. It hasn’t stopped raining since like MAY. Waaaa.I also tried to buy some serenity Tea, William the bloody tea and Dr Horrible tea today and found out they don’t deliver down here.. I emailed a “please please send me some tea” to the company so you never know!

  2. It’s been pretty grey and chilly here lately too, the sun was a welcome change. From whence does this interestingly named tea come? It sounds fun 🙂

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