Menu plan 18 Aug 08

Damn I’m exhausted.

There’s no way I can face both grocery shopping with the kids AND cooking tonight so home delivered pizza it is. I’ll drag myself up to the shops once the kids are in bed.

Last week’s plan
worked out pretty well. We swapped Wednesday with Friday and Caitlin had her instant noodles when we were eating roast goat on a spit on Saturday night.

Fruit & yoghurt
Honey lamb casserole, rice and broccoli
Ice cream & fruit
BBQ seafood kebabs (garlic prawns, tuna, scallops), rice and stir fry veg
Crepes – didn’t manage this last week, shall try again
Sausages, mashed potato & steamed veg
Ice cream & fruit
Crockpot coconut beef, rice and steamed veg – time to try something new in the crockpot
Bread & butter pudding
Di & Bren‘s engagement party – My mum is looking after the kids, I think I’ll do a left-overs raid for them.
Shepherds pie
Fresh fruit

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