Tomorrow it begins

NaBloPoMo – A whole month of daily posting. Can I do it? Ought I do it? (Does anyone care?) I’ve done it once before, so I know it’s possible. What on earth am I going to write about? I can hardly depend on fortuitous wildlife visitations every day. I might actually have to plan what I post ahead of time. Either that or find lots of silly but irresistible quizzes to do…no, THAT would be cheating. (Ok, so there are no actual rules about content, but I’m a perfectionist so content free posts must be avoided if at all possible.) You guys like pictures of food, jewellery and pets don’t you?

Clara watching for cats

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow it begins

  1. I ended up signing up for it. Already I feel stressed about it!I’ve been posting every day since I started the blog and I was already anal enough about it. I feel so much pressure to post every day. I have no idea why.Now I feel all the extra pressure!!!

  2. Tardie beat me to itI care toooo!!!I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo YAY me.I’m even making my poor hubbie treak into my work to give me my mistakenly-left-at-home camera so I can put pictures in my

  3. I would happily spend all day looking at photos of food and critters and pretties.You know I never get tired of kitty cat photos and stories 😉 Looking forward to it!

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