I always miss historic moments

But not today.

This afternoon I came home with the kids after spending pretty much the entire day at the school doing canteen duty, helping out with refreshments for the Kindy orientation and giving my intro to the P&C speech for the second time. I opened up my laptop and was greeted with the news that McCain had conceded and the USA has as President-Elect one Barak Obama.

I was just in time to jump on board the Hoyden’s live blogging of the event (in mostly lurker mode) and the kids, Adam and I sat in the lounge room with the live, net-delivered streaming video of the Grant Park rally up on the big TV.

I had tears I tell you, and he’s not even going to be my president. I felt the same heart-swelling relief and happiness that I felt when we here in Oz got rid of John Howard (which I barely posted about at all, I think I was too overwhelmed to be coherent!). I like that my kids got to see the moment when the US got its first black president, they probably won’t remember in later years, mostly they were a bit bemused by all the fuss being made, but I’ll remember. Oh yes, I’ll remember.

Congratulations America.

7 thoughts on “I always miss historic moments

  1. I lost the afternoon at work to tracking the election – I was in a US based forum, watching (and joining) the posters get more and more excited and joyful as the states fell to Obama, and I watched the NY Times electoral votes tracker tick over from 268 to 273 and knew that I was witness to an incredible moment in history. Awesome in the true sense of the word.

  2. We were at work and I had the BBC’s coverage streaming in my left ear while attempting to do a tender. Of course being a guy I can only do one thing at a time and I have to say that I mostly followed the election from the first results to the resounding victory that came with California. Once Obama had finished his speech one of the guys in the office played the West Wing theme and we were done. The emotional wallop was not something I expected, but there was some moistening of the eyes. My faith in humanity is restored and the planet felt a little safer last night.

  3. It’s so interesting to me that you guys care so much about who our Pres is. Of course, it effects everyone right.

  4. I got something in my eyes when I was watching his victory speech, I have to admit. I guess now we get to watch him try to deliver on all those promises. *crosses fingers*

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