Status report

Lego pistol – retrieved, the friend admitted his mistake without any need to produce the evidence.

Laundry – Mostly folded but not ironed and at least 3 loads waiting to be done.

Kitchen – pantry and tupperware cupboard exploded several weeks ago, it’s been a losing battle ever since.

Groceries – I am so not adjusting to not being able to do the shopping when the kids are at school, we are out of most of the basics and used up the last of the frozen left-overs last night. Looks like I’ll be shopping this evening.

Kid’s homework – I’m conflicted about this, they’re all outside playing happily and being energetic, I so don’t want to to drag them in and have them switch to irritating each other while I end up yelling at them to “sit down, pick up a pen and bloody well do your homework!”

Christmas shopping – I’ve done nigh on bugger all, this has me a little concerned as by this time I have usually pretty much finished.

Sleep – in deficit by at least 6 hours. Must go to bed before 11:00pm tonight.

Work – I’m enjoying it, so far so good.

Friends – fabulous.

Husband – awesome.

Life – despite the inevitable frustrations of being a parent and the whole adjusting to the new way things are around here, is pretty bloody good.

NaBloPoMo – taxing my creativity 😛

4 thoughts on “Status report

  1. Gah! Xmas! Thank god we cancelled most of it this year (rang people and said not to send us stuff as we won’t to them). The gift that’s causing the most grief right now: my own, from Darren. I have to chose it you see. 😛

  2. TIP: If you can, shop online. it’s much easier but I’m not sure what the service is like in Sydney.When life gets too busy with us we do our grocery shopping online. It works out a bit cheaper because I don’t impulse buy so much AND I choose more specials.I’m doing OK with Christmas shopping (we have three birthdays in December before Christmas)(LOL my verification word is Groto.)

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