Wielding her teaspoon*

Caitlin’s class has recently re-arranged their seating and each table group gave themselves a name. Caitlin is sitting with the “Gaybo” group. I asked what the hell that was supposed to mean. Apparently, according to the kid who suggest the name, it means “we’re not gay.”


I was glad to hear Caitlin had no part in choosing the name. David tells me that “gaybo” is used as an insult by kids at the school, so how it also means “not gay” isn’t quite clear to me, but either way it’s problematic.

Thing is, if my “that’s dodgy” radar went off, why didn’t the teacher’s?

When I pointed out the problem with the name, Caitlin instantly said she should go to her teacher and tell her “that it’s homophobic”. It’s pretty cool that she wants to do that but I can’t help but feel apprehensive about the possible fall-out for her. Guess that’s what letting your kids grow up is about, at some point you have to step back and let them take risks and I do think it’s better coming from her than from me.

This’ll follow on nicely from the class discussion that was had last week when the scripture teacher was away. They all took turns talking about their beliefs about religion so Caitlin found herself proclaiming her atheism to the whole class (I think there were a couple of others who also said they didn’t believe in god, so about 10% of the class, which I found interesting).

*the teaspoon reference comes from here.

5 thoughts on “Wielding her teaspoon*

  1. Caitlin is AWESOME!!!She’s an amazing child. She’s very brave.That’s great that she announced that she was an Atheist. The gaybo thing is sad.

  2. I see Tardie’s headshake and raise you a sigh.I had to stop myself on Monday buying your lovely kids a Christmas prezzie! I found you can get foam Axes and Maces that you can play in the pool/sea/bath (maybe not)? with. CUTE. BUT way too bulky to send!!

  3. Yay, Caitlin and good luck to her!Also, I’m dropping by to let you know (in case you don’t already) that I’ve moved my blog to ARoomOfMamasOwn.com. If you subscribe to my RSS feed you’ll have to subscribe to the new one.

  4. The subject just gave me a mental image of Elissa, who spends a good deal of her time wielding a literal teaspoon, for no readily apparent reason. Good on her. I hope the repercussions are minor and character building, or even positive!

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