Bloody dog

We went out for dinner tonight. Just up the street to Istana and we went early – 6:00pm. Food was pretty good, very quick service, I think they were trying to get rid of us before the crowds turned up, we were back home in about an hour. When we opened the front door we were greeted by Clara bouncing around, grinning at us like a maniac and pretty much behaving as though she hadn’t seen us for a week. It was all rather amusing and I commented to Adam that she must just be really happy that we hadn’t vanished for the whole evening.

Then we walked into the lounge room.

Ah. Not so much happy to see us as guilt-ridden and begging for mercy.

My tablet weaving wool.

Bloody dog

Clara had found 3 balls of wool that I bought for tablet weaving, pulled them out of my craft bag, ripped off them out of their wrappers and systematically pulled the balls apart. It took Adam and me 4 hours between us to get the wool untangled and re-rolled into balls.

Let me just say she’s damn lucky she’s so funny when she grovels.

9 thoughts on “Bloody dog

  1. do you have a dog house in which to put her when she misbehaves, or did you have to settle for the withering glare? Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. What a MONKEY!It’s other peoples moments like this which make me glad we are a no pet family… Having said that I bet Liam whould have made just as much mess with the wool!HA!

  3. At least she didn’t eat it! Long strands of anything inside a tummy never ends well. I commend you on actually taking the time to re roll the wool!

  4. Morgan used to lie down and put her paw over her eyes as an apology. Of course, she also did this BEFORE she committed the crime. Loses its remorse really. You were actually intending to spend your Saturday night rolling wool, were you not?

  5. @Sophie We were having some no small difficulty maintaining the withering glare because it turns out that Clara doing “abjectly apologetic” is hysterically funny. I tried to get it on video but it turned out too dark. It involved a lot of dragging herself around on her tummy and wagging desperately.@Susan Oh gawd, I didn’t even think of that!When we started the re-rolling it didn’t look that bad…and by the time you’ve got 2/3 of the way there, defeating the Gordian knot without resorting to scissors becomes a matter of pride. Yeah, nothing better to do 😛

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