Two weeks in the life of Mim

Em over at Shrinking Yoda has posted a look at her schedule over 2 weeks. Out of a kind of morbid curiosity I thought I’d do the same.

The week just gone:
9th – 15th March

Mon – Take kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick up from school. Supervise homework. Cook dinner. Take Caitlin to Ballet. Adam brings his mum over for dinner. Adam goes to Sword training (usually with Dave but last week he stayed home.)

Tues – Take kids to school. Take dog to dog park for quick play. Work at bookshop. Pick up kids. Supervise homework. Take Tom to Karate. Tell Adam to pick Caitlin up from singing and bring dinner home with him. Take Caitlin to singing lesson. Go to School Council meeting. Have dinner at 9:30pm. Write notice for school newsletter.

Wed – Take kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick up kids, tears from 2 of them before we’ve left the school grounds. Tom falls asleep on lounge and so doesn’t get taken to Drama (he slept for 2 hours). Think we ended up having Chinese takeaway because I hadn’t been grocery shopping.

Thurs – Take kids to school. Take dog to dog park for nice long play. Do some housework and decide to sit down and read for my sanity’s sake. Go to school at 1:30pm to watch Caitlin’s class run the assembly. It’s a long one – they were giving out place ribbons for the swimming carnival. End up not going home and waiting to pick kids up. David doesn’t go to Chess Club which saves me one trip out. Take Caitlin to Song & Dance. Go get coffee from maccas. Pick up Caitin. Cook dinner (I think this was left-over night.)

Fri – Take kids to school. Go to uniform shop and pick up a few new shirts and order new jackets for kids. Come home and have conversation with Adam about life and stuff. Canteen duty from 11am to 2pm. Hang around for Canteen committee AGM, may as well there’s not enough time to do anything useful before it’s time to pick up kids. Do grocery shopping. Cook dinner.

Sat – Sleep in. Eat breakfast at lunchtime. Dave’s friend comes to play. Haul out bead making stuff and melt glass for a couple of hours. Burn a couple of spots on cork flooring in kitchen with hot glass. Don’t care as planning to replace it anyway. Take Caitlin to sleep-over birthday party. Have massive argument with Tom over him not wanting to wait till tomorrow for me to get out my jewellery making stuff to make him a necklace. Go out to dinner at the Indian place up the road. Get rained on while taking Dave’s friend home. Go to bed at 10:30pm for once but then get woken at 2am by Clara who is used to being let out for a pee at 1am *facepalm*

Sun – Get up and manage to shower dress and have breakfast before going to pick up dangerously over-tired daughter from party at 10am. Try to get Tom on his bike. Bike needs repairs. Adam goes to hardware and gets the bits we need. Lunch is eaten (left-over Indian YUM!) Tom tries to ride bike in cul-de-sac, decides it’s too slopey and small. Adam takes Tom to park to find flat bit to ride on. I try to get David to prepare his current affairs presentation for Monday. Adam arrives home with Tom in foul mood (both of them that is) riding lesson not a big success. Trip to Dubbo next weekend may involve less bike riding than we’d hoped. Send Adam and Caitlin to bed for a nap – he’s snoring on the lounge and she’s wandering around crying. I’ve now been sitting with Dave for about an hour and he has written 3 lines on the subject of the blue-striped fangblenny. I need a recorded message saying “pick up your pencil and get on with it”. Once I finish writing this I guess I’ll be making Tom a necklace. And then we’ll be going out to dinner at Lowenbrau which will make Adam happy and we’ll take my Dad which will make him happy.

The week ahead:
16th – 22nd March

Mon – Walk dog. Kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick kids up. Homework. Cook dinner. Caitlin to Ballet at 6pm. Adam’s mum for dinner. Adam and Dave to Sword training at 7:45pm.

Tues – Walk dog. Kids to school. Not working at bookshop. Prepare for P&C AGM. Get alcohol permit signed by police for P&C social. Do grocery shopping. Pick up kids. Homework. Cook dinner. Take Tom to Karate. No singing lesson for Caitlin – phew! Go to P&C meeting. Write P&C report for newsletter. Update all P&C contact details for website.

Wed – Walk dog. Kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick kids up. Homework. Take Tom to Drama class. Cook dinner.

Thurs – Walk dog. Kids to school…..Hey! I have NOTHING PLANNED!…..Pick up kids. Pack for weekend away. Pick up David from Chess Club at 3:45pm. Take Caitlin to Song & Dance at 4:15. Pick her up at 4:45pm. Wonder where my afternoon went. Homework. Cook diner. More packing.

Fri – Walk dog before vet comes to pick up animals (assuming I remember to organise this!). Kids to school. Work at publishers. Pick up kids. Drive to Dubbo.

Sat & Sun – Have fun. Hey, it’s a good plan don’t knock it. Drive home from Dubbo.

It doesn’t really look that bad to me. Monday nights are a bit hectic though and there’s a notable lack of housework in there. Which is why I want to get a cleaner. Just need to tidy up enough first 😛

8 thoughts on “Two weeks in the life of Mim

  1. Your schedule looks something like mine – that something being CRAZY! Just thought I’d swoop buy and say hi – hope the week goes well.BTW, isn’t homework just torture for parents?Love N

  2. Seriously don’t worry about tidying things up before the cleaners get there! I understand not wanting strangers to come to your house and seeing it in a mess, but hey – you’re gonna pay them to clean it for you! I can give you the number for the cleaners we’ve used. Very happy with them, pretty good price too I think. I want to get them back in here soon actually, just need to have the money to do it first!

  3. That reminds me of the madness that was our house growing up… always something on in the afternoon for at least one, if not all 3 kids, arguments over homework etc… and being yelled at to clean my room before the cleaner came the next day. Never did make sense to me ;^p

  4. It’s more a question of them being able to get at the floors and other surfaces at all! Not to mention not falling over things as they walk around the house.

  5. I’m exhausted just reading your list and too scared to make my own (some days are so busy I can’t even remember what happened yesterday!)

  6. whispering: Hey, Mim. You’re not supposed to tell when you have nothing planned! That’s how They get you.Just thought you should know. ;)Love,-Sophie

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