Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

This Friday Fragments thing seemed like quite a good idea today seeing as I was rapidly running out of day and hadn’t come up with anything of substance to post. Mrs4444 has been fragmenting on a weekly basis for quite some time, in fact this week is her 70th Friday Fragments post and here I am embarking on my very first. Here goes!

1. I spoke too soon on the matter of no dead fish. When I went to kiss Tom goodnight last night I discovered one of the rummy nose tetras had expired, apparently they are quite sensitive to poor water quality. So at 9pm I was doing chemical testing and an emergency water change.

2. We had a database crash at work today and all our updates for the last 2 days were lost. Fortunately there are back-ups of the data I used that can be retrieved from our secure server provider – at first I thought I would have no record at all of the long list of subscriptions I’d half processed during that time.

3. We have milk and bread delivered in the wee small hours on Monday and Thursday mornings. On Thursdays we also get orange juice and eggs which means the second loaf of bread doesn’t fit in the cooler bag we leave out. Instead it gets left on top and the resident possum usually helps itself to a slice or two – very neatly mind you and the rest of the loaf is fine. This week the bread was untouched. I hope Poss is ok. (Yeah, I could leave a second bag out but that’s be just mean.)

4. When I finished Canteen duty at the school this afternoon there were four absolutely adorable, fuzzy, roly poly five week old Border Collie puppies tumbling about on the lawn beside the school hall. One of the kids had her mum bring them in for news and she had decided to hang around at school rather than go home in the small amount of time left of the school day. I wanted to snorgle them, but contented myself with a few tummy rubs. Snorgles seemed a little risky as only one of the four had a home lined up to go to when ready to wean. I so don’t need a puppy. I should have taken a photo, shouldn’t I?

5. I need new summer shoes, the ones I have are beginning to disintegrate. I have no idea when I am going to manage to get to the shops to buy some.

6. I have in my wallet a whole bunch of cheques that I need to go to the bank and deposit. One of them is nearly two years old – it’s from the government so hopefully they’ll still honour it, but I won’t hold my breath!

And I’m done.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. At this early hour, I read 'rummy nose tetra' as 'runny nose'…yeah, I was going to ask you how you can tell if a fish has a runny nose! LOL! :)That's funny that a resident possum is neat and tidy about stealing bread – maybe he wasn't hungry when the next delivery happened? 🙂 Too cool you can have that stuff delivered to your door. How convenient! :)Border Collies are cool! :)You have checks that are 2 years old? That's a long time to hang onto a check! :)Happy FF! 🙂

  2. Milk and bread delivery rocks!I know those border collies were adorable. I grew up next to a British family that had one and it was the absolute coolest dog ever.Happy FF!!

  3. Had you snorgled the puppy, I might have required to send one to me. Which would have been bad. Since it would have taken a long time to get here… and probably wouldn't arrive in the most lovable condition… so it's extra good you didn't snorgle it! I am soooo going to start using that word. Snorgle. I love it! Who knew I could speak Australian? 😉

  4. Getting anywhere near those pups would have been extremely dangerous! Nothing cuter than puppies.We walk around with old checks, too! I thought we were the only fools doing that. Two years though? That's funny.

  5. Great first time fraging! I love the idea of milk and bread delivery… wonder if I can get margaritas delivered?

  6. Stopping by from Mrs.4444's blog hop!First, it took me forever to figure out why you needed new summer shoes in November… until I read where you live. It just seems to weird to me that November is the start of summer!I'm sorry your computer crashed this week, but I can totally sympathize. I work in a TV newsroom, and the exact same thing happened a few weeks ago just two hours before my show took air. It was HORRIBLE! My deepest condolences :)~Elizabeth

  7. Well, I suppose if you're going to have a possum stealing your bread, it's nice if it's a polite possum! Hopefully it's just gone on holiday this week 😉

  8. Welcome to FF posting! It's about the easiest, yet most satisfying post, no? Thanks for joining up this week :)Must be nice to have no need to cash checks! (I assume they are small? (Either that, or you are independently wealthy, in which case I'm happy for you :)Sounds like you know your way around an aquarium-Very impressive. I hope the fish survived. (and the possum, too, haha)Have a great weekend :)P.S. I love your header!! It's gorgeous.

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments :-)@Stacy I keep thinking Runny nosed too!@Mrs4444 Yep, small cheques and most of them haven't been waiting long at all to be banked, just the one that was found in the process of doing an archaeological dig through the in-tray 😉 (My header is a photo I took in our front garden, I'm glad you like it.)@mub It is a very polite possum and does a great job of cleaning up what's left from feeding the birds each day :-)@Elizabeth When I first heard about the database crash we thought we'd lost 3 weeks worth of work – I felt ill!@Mama Sky & 4LW I was so pleased when the delivery service started in our area earlier this year, it's the best thing since sliced bread LOL@Liz and CF I'm just glad the kids didn't see the pups, I'd have been doomed!@Alix & Louise Axial tilt is such a hoot 🙂

  10. I'm thinking you might have to get that government check re-issued. I used to work at a bank and usually the limit is one year.

  11. Yeah, I actually don't care if it's not accepted, it's a bribe the voters cheque for a relatively small sum, we don't need it and I generally don't claim benefits we don't need – this one just turned up in the letter box.

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