But wait! There’s more…

I’m having that “it’s never-ending!” feeling about life just at present. I rather suspect that when I stop I’m going to crash, Monday may be a bit of a write-off.

Yesterday at 7am, after going to bed at 4am (I was working, laptop disaster & database problems legacy), I kicked Adam out of bed to get the kids off to school and went back to sleep. Adam woke me at ten to nine and I hauled myself out of bed, my beading kit out to the car and me, car and kit down to Ariane‘s for a craft day. I made some more Christmas tree earrings, including some green ones, and a sodalite necklace (photos are a bit ordinary, there’s no sunlight at 11pm 😛 I took some new ones, much better!).

Swarovski crystal and sterling silver Christmas tree earrings

Christmas tree earrings

Sodalite and riverstone necklace
Length ~52cm
Sodalite and riverstone necklace

Then it was back home to meet the kids – I arrived 30 seconds before their bus dropped them off across the road. I did a quick blog post and then abandoned the boys while I popped up the road to the shops to pick up salad supplies for dinner and a few odds and ends for the market stall on Sunday. Then came home and cooked date scones as a present for my Grandma while the boys made the salad.

99 years old and looking good!

Happy 99th birthday Grandma

Dinner last night was a buffet affair at my Grandma’s nursing home with pretty much the whole extended family – my Mum, Dad, sister & family and brother & family, my Aunty Liz and Uncle Rob, cousins Warwick, Cameron and Rebecca and her family. Twenty four of us all up. It’s not every day the matriarch turns 99 years old!


Nom nom nom

Today was Caitlin’s dance concert – matinee and evening performances – which has taken up pretty much the whole day.

Ballet costume

Ballet costume 2009

Song and Dance costume

Song and dance costume 2009

I did manage to grab an hour to finish pricing all my stuff for tomorrow. I’m now tossing up between sleep and making a few more earrings. The markets start at 9am so I’ll need to get going pretty early, sleep is sounding pretty good…

One thought on “But wait! There’s more…

  1. I'm totally making some of those earrings for folks this Christmas. They're lovely. Also your stuff is so pretty, I'm sometimes embarrassed to have sent you the bookmark. It's not nearly as nice!

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