It’s a little disconcerting really

If, when I am sitting at the dinner table, eating my meal, I happen to look slightly to my right and down under the kitchen bench at the end of the table, this is what I see:

Clara watching me eat

Her eyes follow every move of food from my plate to my mouth with ferocious concentration.

And the occasional imperative growl.

Which never fails to make me laugh, but which worries me because what on earth is a guest going to think if an enormous black dog sits by their elbow at the dinner table and growls at them?

(Yes, she does get scraps from our plates but only at the end of the meal. I think she’s just trying to convince me I’m done before the plate is empty, she does save the growling for the tail end of the meal.)

4 thoughts on “It’s a little disconcerting really

  1. At least you're not as bad as my Dad who would pull a chair up next to him while eating at the table so the dog could take a seat next to him and have bits of his meal as ate…and then also sat up ready and waiting for dessert!

  2. She's darling. I may adopt her method when I'm in a restaurant near people who are having dessert.When my stepson was about 13, we found him sitting at the breakfast counter with Dexter (one of our cats) eating cereal. After every bite that Jimmy took, he would give Dexter a spoonful of milk:)

  3. I can't deal with that kind of emotional blackmail while I eat. If she was my dog, she'd be outside during dinner! And that's not to say I'm a meanie, I just hate those brown eyes looking at me like I was hurting her by eating my dinner without her. (yes, my mother feeds her dog at the table and I hate it. Lucky she's one of those tiny faux-dogs and more easily ignored)

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