Friday Fragments – chocolate strawberries edition

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I wasn’t really sure I’d have much to decant after a week of daily posting for NaBloPoMo but I guess there’s always a few little fragments of frivolity floating around ready to find a home in a Friday Fragments post!

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On Monday we began the day with freshly baked homemade sourdough bread. Made by Adam, who got up at 6am to put the oven on, because I’m way too lazy to bake bread that has to be started something like 12 hours before you want to eat it.

Homemade sourdough

He made four loaves and there are still two left in the freezer, might get one out and warm it up for breakfast tomorrow!

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My order from Evans arrived this week. The two tops I bought, including the Beth Ditto heart print one, fit just fine but the Beth Ditto floral leggings are way too big. Which is a bummer because I really like them. There will be proper a Outfit of the Day post when I wear the hearts top for longer than 5 minutes and actually select a bottom half that suits it.

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On Tuesday David was desperately campaigning to be allowed to buy the new game of the moment, Call of Duty Black Ops. We were stonewalling by telling him sure, he could buy it when he could pay for it. He then shifted his efforts to trying to borrow money from his siblings. Tom spotted an opportunity and made an offer to pay David to do his homework for him. Caitlin felt this was not appropriate. Hilarity ensued.

Tom was most disappointed to find his brilliant plan thwarted by his mean parents but David was happy, Caitlin agreed to lend him the money.

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Here’s a fun little thing that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter:

Go to Google Maps. Get Directions. Type Japan as starting point, China as ending point. Go to direction #43

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And last but not least, tonight’s dessert:

Chocolate coated strawberries

There is also a slab of dried cranberry and macadamia chocolate still hardening up in the fridge but it is not even slightly photogenic.

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7 thoughts on “Friday Fragments – chocolate strawberries edition

  1. Sourdough bread, cranberry/macademia chocolate, chocolate-dipped strawberries…you are making me hungry this morning. That Tom is a creative thinker, but what kind of grade would David have gotten for him?

  2. The bread. OH! the bread. I haven't made bread in a while though my son keeps requesting it. What do you do if you don't have a jet ski??

  3. yummy yummy homemade bread. I did the Google maps thing earlier in the week – isn't that funny!Glad you found some random bits and congrats on doing NaBloPoMo. I am, too – but for the most part I have blogged every day for a few years now. Kristin – The Goat

  4. @Amy I think Tom would have been getting a pretty good deal actually, David not being so duplicitous as to do a half-arsed job had he taken it on ;-)@Joanie The strawberries were so gooood! I should let my daughter boss me around more often, they were her idea.@brainella Maybe some enterprising type will set up a jet-ski hire place on the coast there :-)@Kristin My usual posting rate is closer to once a week than once a day, so it's quite an effort to ramp up to daily posting!@UM Thank you, what a lovely thing to say!@Jen Thanks!

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