OOTD – I’ve been shopping edition

This week I managed to buy myself 3 new pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tops, a dress and a crochet poncho thingy. I won’t show you everything at once because I’d look really strange wearing all those clothes layered on top of each other plus I’ve only got two feet and the shoes look very odd hanging from my ears.

Here’s the first installment:

Crochet poncho

Dress and poncho – Autograph
Shoes – Zensu from Mathers

And here’s what the dress looks like without the poncho:

New dress and shoes

The shoes have passed the test of walking all over Westfield for several hours, my legs and back are fine and there’s only the slightest hint of a rubbed spot on one little toe. Not bad for the first time they’ve been worn. When I was trying them on another customer said she’d bought the same shoes and that they were really comfy, and they are!

12 thoughts on “OOTD – I’ve been shopping edition

  1. Hello Happy!!! :^)I like the combination, they go well together. If that is a poncho then it is the nicest poncho I have ever seen.Chris.

  2. That top's great. And I think I better understand Kath's thing about talking about clothes on people – 'cause that top looks great on you, but would look shit on me because I'd look dead in it (literally, people would take my pulse). So I'm making it clear, this looks good on you in comparison to it looking shit on me (because I'm pasty), not because others of your clothes don't look good. :)This isn't really helpful is it? You look awesome. 🙂

  3. Helpful? I dunno, it made me laugh :-)When I saw the top in Kath's post I wasn't excited by it, I've been trying to get more colour not less into my wardrobe. But I saw it on the rack and was curious, tried it on and loved it, loved it even more when I saw it had been discounted and was only $20!

  4. $20!!! Double bargain. I love the dress too. Now, how are you combating the chub rub, which must be a constant problem in all that sweaty Sydney heat? I like Neat 3B cream, but I also sometimes simply choose to wear a pair of bike shorts instead.

  5. Rock it baby!Y'all know I love that poncho. I'm wondering what it will look like with bright colours underneath?

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