That was the year that was*

There’s been bits I could have done without and there’s been times that have not been fun for anyone living with me, but I’m finishing the year feeling not too bad at all and on reflection 2010 had a whole bunch of pretty fabulous bits too. Here’s a few of them.

A beautiful day at the beach at Terrigal in January
Daddy and daughter
The cooking wenches
Diamond cooking with an audience
Praxis playing around the bonfire
The kids at Cruickshanks farm stay after the Armidale camp.

A fabulous Mothers Day feast
Mother's Day 2010
The Old Guardhouse
Yulefest in Moss Vale with wonderful friends
Decorating the gingerbread house
A walk with the family – extended family that is!
Walking along Duneba Drive
Caitlin with JOSS WHEDON!!!
More reenacting fun – this time Beorgwic in October
Feast time in the tavern
My kids being lucky enough to know their Great Grandma
Great Grandma and the kids
Our Christmas party / Adam’s birthday party – good friends, good times.
Christmas day at our place with my whole family,
Christmas lunch
the second gingerbread house of the year,
Gingerbread house
 and a postprandial Nerf war.
Nerf war
And to finish it all up there was today, a lovely meal at Manly Fish Cafe, then ice creams from Royal Copenhagen and a paddle at the water’s edge as the day ended.
Risking wet pants legs, or in Tom's case a wet bum
*happy sigh*

Tomorrow night we will see in the New Year with the usual suspects and probably way too much seafood – what more could one ask for?

*Bonus points for recognising the title!

7 thoughts on “That was the year that was*

  1. Looks like you've had a year full of wonderful moments Mim. Lovely to see all these photos and look back with you.

  2. Very impressed with your selection of brilliant moments. Also, I didn't notice the first time, but the expressions of delight are exactly the same on Joss Whedon's face and on Caitlin's face. I love it.

  3. *Bonus points for recognising the title! Depends whether you're thinking American satirists or British absurdists, because they both used it! Lehrer's the only one who made two best-selling albums out of it though.Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

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