Sundays in My City – Happy birthday Adam!

Unknown Mami
Hosted by Unknown Mami

Today was Adam’s 42nd birthday. The day began with the obligatory breakfast and presents in bed and then on to some slight silliness with Christmas tree decorating. Caitlin asked Adam to put an angel on the top of the tree. So he did.

The Angel on top of our tree
The Angel on top of our tree
He doesn’t look too pleased!
He doesn't look too pleased

The middle part of the day was less than wonderful, but we’ll skip over that, other than to mention that Adam had to go to his mum’s place (who was oblivious to it being his birthday) and fix her toilet.

By late afternoon we had regained some equanimity, and Adam and Tom had made 12 bottles of ginger beer and 6 bottles of lemonade for our Christmas party next weekend. Then we headed off to Darling Harbour for dinner at Jordon’s – the plan being to indulge in a seafood platter and a bottle of sav blanc. The order was duly placed, along with a few extras, and we began playing with Adam’s new toy – a Canon Powershot S95. Most of the following photos were taken from our table in the restaurant.

The Christmas tree at Darling Harbour
Christmas tree at Darling Harbour
Me with my very indulgent cosmopolitan
Darling Harbour, looking towards Pyrmont Bridge – the world’s oldest surviving electrically operated swingspan bridge.
Darling Harbour looking towards the Imax theatre.
Darling Harbour
People gathering to watch the street theatre and carols.
People gathering for Carols and street theatre
We were too busy eating to think of photographing the food until after we were fed. At which point fun was had with the crab shells.
Dave with his new hat?

The seafood platters on their tall stands were very tempting to the local seagull population. Several chips and scraps of fish were liberated from people’s platters around us. One couple were given a water pistol by a waiter to defend their meal with! Our kids wanted to be armed as well but we were left alone by the birds for some reason, I think they knew we were watching them.

Seagull, keeping a close watch on people's seafood platters
My dessert defeated me in the end, I couldn’t finish the last few bites. But I did drink the muscat!
The dessert that defeated me
The birthday boy
The birthday boy
The sun set as we sipped our coffee and the city lights came up
Darling Harbour at night
Time to go home!
Adam and Mim
Darling Harbour at night
Sydney Convention Centre and Jordons Restaurant

(Arachnophobes beware, the last two photos, which come after this shot of the Christmas tree, are of a huntsman spider.)

The tree at night
There was an unwelcome visitor waiting for us when we got home, eviction duties fall to me in these cases.
An eviction notice was served
Only a little specimen this time.
We came home to a visitor

And there you have it, my Sunday in my city.

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10 thoughts on “Sundays in My City – Happy birthday Adam!

  1. Happy Birthday to Adam!! love your christmas tree and the shirt you are wearing in the pics!! It looks so beautiful there. I've never been to Australia but I've always wanted to. The seasons are opposite aren't they? right now you have warm weather but when we have summer you have winter? Do you get snow where you are?Love your pics : )

  2. Happy Birthday Adam! Amazing pictures, loved seeing your city except the giant spider!! Yikes! Have a wonderful week!

  3. If that dessert didn't put a smile on the birthday boy's face, nothing will– It looks fabulous. Happy 42nd Adam!!!Your tree angel is a hoot and the harbor tree is very pretty. Isn't it nice to celebrate Christmas in shirt sleeves– sure beats freezing in the snow :-)Happy SIMC, jj

  4. Thanks for the spider warning, very much appreciated. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time celebrating Adam's birthday, the dessert looks divine. Enjoy playing with Adam's new toy!

  5. Happy Birthday!Can't wait to walk there myself in a couple of months…but those spiders I don't want to see thank you very much…Have a good week ahead!

  6. great photos. Happy late birthday to Adam. I love the photos.. it looks like a wonderful place.I hope that you guys had a great christmas and a happy 2011.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Adam! (I'm playing catch up on my blog reading) The photos are great! It seems funny to see everyone dressed for summer at Christmas time and we're all bundled up here!

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