Party time!

Our Christmas party on Saturday afternoon and evening seemed to go well, I certainly had fun and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.

We began the afternoon with the traditional sharing of diseases. What? That’s not part of your usual Christmas celebrations?

Viv, aka tigtog, fared particularly badly on the contagion front.


A little later on, just as Adam had been obliged to duck out for a few minutes, this strange man dressed in a completely inappropriate fashion for a summer day in Sydney, turned up carrying a sack full of goodies.

What have I got in this sack?

The kids seemed to know what he was there for!

Santa handing out the pressies

After Santa left we got stuck into serious eating of all manner of munchies brought along by our wonderful guests – delicious dips, munchable veggies, scrumptious fruit, tofu balls of awesomeness, salad, shortbread, brownies, cookies, gingerbread, icecreams – thank you so much to everyone! (I’m not going shopping for at least a week.) Clara had a field day clearing up scraps of ham as it was carved but was saved by the wonderful ZB many, many times over from potentially disastrous encounters with chicken bones from the BBQ chooks.

Margaritas and mango daiquiris were distributed, the children stuffed themselves silly with chips and sugar, and we settled down to party on into the night.

Browncoats sure know how to have a good time!

Partying hard!
(Ok, that may have been a little bit staged…but only a little!)

Eventually it all got too much for Clara, even the screaming slingshot monkey wasn’t enough to get her moving.

Worn out puppy

There are photos, and even a video, of the exploits of rather later in the evening, but, as both photographer and subjects were rather worse for wear by then, those images will not be seeing the light of day. Suffice to say there was raucous singing along to Meatloaf and The Blues Brothers and I shall leave the rest to your imagination. We finished up with a viewing of Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, we had to, there was someone who HADN’T SEEN IT!!!

Adam and I got to bed at 4am. It was totally worth it. But I did rather wish I could spend Sunday doing what Clara decided was the best way to deal with the morning after.

Find sunny patch. Flop. Snooze.

Clara the morning after

5 thoughts on “Party time!

  1. Oh! What a marvelous party! Casa Hice does love a good party you know. But, pray tell, what is a slingshot monkey?!PS: Margaritas and Mango Daiquiris… mmmmmmm!

  2. Oh, I would have loved a sunny patch too! I really didn't love Castle Towers (but Ben did love the party he went to there). Camera's should have an "auto-off" feature that refuses to take photos post-midnight, for everyone's benefit. 🙂

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