Sleeping – a picspam post

I was going back through all my photos on my laptop looking for images for another post that’s sitting in my drafts folder and I kept coming across photos of me or one of the kids with either a child or a pet asleep on top of us. Here they are. Tom, post spag bol, with Samantha Aug ’05 Me with Samantha Sept ’04 Me with Tom April ’03 Ok, we might be foxing just a little bit in this one. Me with Tom Dec ’02 Caitlin with James not sure of the date, she’d have been 2-ish 50 Things … Continue reading Sleeping – a picspam post

Sundays in my City – A visit from Joss Whedon

Hosted by Unknown Mami Today I took Caitlin to the Opera House to hear Joss Whedon speak about his writing and directing career – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and everything in between and beyond. Joss was fascinating and brilliant and funny and wonderful and when he tackle-hugged Wil Anderson* at the end of the show I was really rather surprised Wil didn’t fall over. The image of Wil with Joss Whedon’s legs wrapped around his waist is one that will stay with me forever. After the talk/interview/QandA session we retired to the bar at … Continue reading Sundays in my City – A visit from Joss Whedon

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. Time for the end of week mental declutter that is Friday Fragments. Let’s see what’s floating about in here shall we? **** I did my 6th Kiva loan this week, which apparently makes me an average Kiva lender. Must do better. I’m going to stop buying Macca’s coffee on work mornings and instead do a Kiva loan each month. There’s a perfectly good coffee machine at work anyway. **** The church notice board that I was venting about on Thursday last week has gone from offensive to merely bemusing. It now reads “Without God the world is … Continue reading Friday Fragments

Fun with sex ed

Caitlin has been invited to an Interrelate seminar at the school titled “Preparing for Puberty” during which I gather we will sit in the hall with other Year 5 and 6 kids and pretend we aren’t there to talk about vaginas and penises. Actually, I’m sure it’ll be great, and I’m totally going to make sure that the discussion of menstruation includes mention of menstrual cups, cloth pads and sponges and not just disposable pads and tampons. There’s an earlier session for Years 3 & 4 about the whole pregnancy and foetal development thing which is on at the same … Continue reading Fun with sex ed

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. Friday fragment flit and flutter around in one’s fogged up fancy, frustrating one’s faculties and forcing a foundering of fullfilling fought thought! Sorry. All that alliteration almost absconded with my ability to articulate accurately. Ahem. I’ll stop there and offload some of these pesky flittering fragments shall I? Don’t forget to visit other Friday Fragmenters via the blog hop links below! ***** Cystitis sucks. It’s also the reason there was no decluttering pics yesterday. I got home from canteen duty at the high school, went to the loo, thought “uh oh, that doesn’t feel good” and within the … Continue reading Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

Hosted by Mrs4444. My mind isn’t so much fragmented as mush at the moment, it’s been kind of a long week, but I’ve fished out a few bits and bobs to share. For more end of week shrapnel head on over to Half-Past Kissin’ Time! ***** On Tuesday I had my 3rd singing lesson and my teacher said nice things to me. So I guess I’m not completely delusional and there might be some point to this exercise. Who knows, one day I might even be fit to be heard in public. I’m really enjoying the lessons and the practicing, … Continue reading Friday Fragments