Beorgwic was…wet

We left home rather later than we had intended for our trip to Beorgwic, the annual event hosted by the Ancient Arts Fellowship at the Danelaw property in the Southern Highlands. As we drove south I tweeted my fear that we would be putting the tent up in the rain, what I didn’t quite anticipate was that it would also be be dark. Pitch black dark. We put the tent up in the rain and freezing cold by torchlight. I am so very glad that putting up a geteld is incredibly quick. (Many thanks to Talisien of Blue Draco for … Continue reading Beorgwic was…wet

Here, have some crafty type stuff

Adam made me an arm guard for archery, since he made it I’ve only hit myself with the string once, no more huge dramatic bruises for me! I’ve been doing some more tablet weaving, I’m still experimenting with patterns and I’m kind of wishing that the 5.8m batch was a bit more interesting. This took 2 weeks of picking it up when I was watching TV in the evenings. Two different patterns, the bottom one I’ve finished, the top one I’ve just started. And I finally got around to making some more jewellery on Friday: Botswana agate necklace Sodalite bracelet Continue reading Here, have some crafty type stuff

Seems I haven’t forgotten how

On Sunday we headed out to North Richmond for a Huscarls training and crafting day. Tom was all set to spend the day weaving, so I decided I should break out the tablet weaving loom and get back into doing that for the first time since October last year. The only question was, would I be able to remember how it worked? Oh, and “where the hell are all the bits of the loom?” (We found everything except the patterns so I made one up.) Turns out the answer is yes, I do remember, and here’s the results – just … Continue reading Seems I haven’t forgotten how

Bloody dog

We went out for dinner tonight. Just up the street to Istana and we went early – 6:00pm. Food was pretty good, very quick service, I think they were trying to get rid of us before the crowds turned up, we were back home in about an hour. When we opened the front door we were greeted by Clara bouncing around, grinning at us like a maniac and pretty much behaving as though she hadn’t seen us for a week. It was all rather amusing and I commented to Adam that she must just be really happy that we hadn’t … Continue reading Bloody dog

Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Here we are at the end of two weeks of school holidays and I feel absolutely wiped out. Not because having the kids around has worn thin, they seem to have grown up enough for that not to be such a problem any more. Rather it’s because I’ve spent pretty much the whole 2 weeks with a horrible lurgi. Same thing happened to me last school holidays too. I feel cheated. All I can say is it’s a damn good thing that being a Dark Ages reenactor doesn’t require you to give up paracetamol and anti-histamines as well as plumbing … Continue reading Beorg-wic and birthday party reporting

Beorg-wic loot

There were market stalls and craft workshops at the camp on the weekend. Adam and I both succumbed to the lure of bigger drinking horns, he now has one that holds 0.7L and mine holds 0.5L. Adam got busy in the forge and did some blacksmithing. Not bad for a first effort. The knife is quite heavy, holding it makes you want to attack something with it but we restricted ourselves to slicing bread instead (which it did beautifully). I did a tablet weaving workshop and am now the proud owner of a tablet weaving loom and a few inches … Continue reading Beorg-wic loot